Hej Y’all!

Water Tower in Florence, Kentucky

I come from that part of America…the South, that is…where we say y’all a lot. The literal translation of y’all is “you all.”  The term arose in the South to distinguish the second-person plural you (all) from the second-person singular (you).   Y’all is also used in the Western states and in African American vernacular English.

In the Northern part of America they say “you guys” where Southerners would say y’all.  But this always annoys Southern ladies because we’re not guys! In the South, we even have a magazine called Y’all.

So get ready Sverige and everybody else, because there’s going to be a lot of y’all talk here at Americana!

Okej y’all?…………Tack y’all!…………Hejdå y’all!


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8 responses to “Hej Y’all!

  1. Lori

    Love it. Seriously.

  2. Maggie Lu

    I would love to hear comments about the South. Please keep them coming y’all.

  3. Göran

    Me and Malin sends or love to y’all, Gina!

  4. Kyle

    I’ve lived in the “dirty south” all my life. I’m sooo happy we say “Y’all” over “You Guys”, haha.. Also I would like to comment on my favorite type of vintage clothing.. Carhartt & Dickies are by far the most comfortable type of pants, not only are they cool but they also keep you warm and last FOREVER!

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