Rocket Room’s Best Dressed: Winter 2010

Ladies & Gents!

A Little Eye Candy From Last Friday Night

Rocket Room’s Best Dressed!

Blonde Bombshells

Red Mama

Gingham Cat



Good Ol' Boys


Country Girls

Perfecto Daddy

Bubba Sax

City Girls

Snow White

© Copyright 2010 Americana


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4 responses to “Rocket Room’s Best Dressed: Winter 2010

  1. Maggie Lu

    I like the country girls cause that is ME…

  2. When I met the country girls @ the Rocket Room, they were super sweet & fun….actually, just like you Maggie Lu!

  3. Kyle

    How am I the only one that voted for the Blonde Bombshells? No love?

  4. I saw those girls with my own eyes & truly I don’t know… The one on the left had a vintage Davy Crockett kerchief ’round her neck (sweeet!) & the one the right was just bombshell-in’ it all over!

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