Americana’s Debut @ Live & Jive

Americana Lady

Live & Jive will be Americana’s coming out event in Sweden & I feel just like a hillbilly debutante, y’all!

Let me know if you’ve seen the Americana website when we meet in Katrineholm.

And as y’all say på Svenska….

Americana ute nu!

Jay's Bowling Shirt @ Americana

Boy Scouts of Americana

Dickies @ Americana


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4 responses to “Americana’s Debut @ Live & Jive

  1. Oh Mikaela, you’re a real sweetheart! It’s Sunday the 28th now & I am very! very! very! happy with Americana’s Swedish debut, all the WONDERFUL people I met & fun that I had @ Live & Jive! ‘Twas a GREAT day for me & Americana!

  2. Gina Americana


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