Shout Out To All The Folks @ Bakåt:Framåt

Americana @ Bakåt:Fråmat

What a great weekend for Americana at Hornstull Strand!  The joint was packed to the rafters with vintage lovers and there wasn’t a better place to be in Stockholm than with all of you!

Americana outfitted lots of y’all with authentic items from the USA & sent you away with facts and history about the classic clothes you now treasure. But if you didn’t make it to Bakåt:Framåt and happen to meet a well-dressed someone with a cool swagger & a story to tell about the heritage of their American vintage clothes, you can be almost certain that they’ve seen us this weekend.

So what’s next for Americana?  A lot!

We will be working on expanding our web shop, finishing the book on A-Z of iconic American clothes, blogging facts & history of American clothes and developing our plans for bringing Americana Classic Vintage to Scandinavia full-time.

We’ll also be on-tour this summer, so don’t miss us at American Days in Jägersro 3-5 July and at Power Big Meet in Västerås 8-10 July.  We’re also interested in participating at other events in the Nordic region, so let us know if you have any good tips!

Stay tuned to the blog & see y’all again soon!


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2 responses to “Shout Out To All The Folks @ Bakåt:Framåt

  1. Lori

    I’m back in Armenia and our Eurovision girl, Eva Rivas is excited to wear the Americana vintage cowgirl shirt from Wrangler when she visits Oslo at the end of May!! It was so fantastic be with y’all in Stockholm at the Hornstull Strand! I can’t wait to come back for the Power Big Meet and American Days in July!!

  2. Ignoring the temporary temperature drop (it’s snowing in Sthlm today), I believe we’ll find more and more of marketplaces, bazaars, trade fairs and flea markets popping up this april. Gradually, as the asphalt dries up and spring enters in full bloom, we’ll be able to visit weekend-vintage markets at Skatteskrapan (“Basar Under”, formerly known as “Vintageloppis”, as of the 10th of April, as well as the upcoming Sthlm Fashion Market ( – no official details yet) around the end of April/beginning of May.
    Beginning on Sweden’s national day, 6th of june, are Love Stockholm 2010, the two-week celebrations of joy and flourishing economy (?), circling around the crown princess wedding. Lots of tourists and extra billions-of-kronor-consumption are expected. The town council have promised festivities outnumbering the Stockholm Water Festival ( and support temporary businesses commencing in the area during this time. As of midsummer, 25th of june, Swedes tend to begin their holidays, peaking after about three weeks, around mid/late-july, and thereafter returning to normal business hours one week into august. During this period, look for festivals and large markets on the Swedish countryside, IF you’re marketing towards buy-friendly touristing Swedes, that is.

    Popular locations during june-july: Stockholm Love 2010 (, Dalarna around Siljan (, Borlänge festival 28th june-3rd july (, Stockholm archipelago (, Skåne/Österlen (, Swedens largest island Gotland ( and, Båstad during Swedish Open 3 july-18 july (, Arvika festival (, the west-coast aka “Västkusten” and Gothenburg ( especially during

    For more on Stockholm during the summer as well as official business guides visit the sites Stockholm Visitors Board and Capital of Scandinavia.

    Thanks for great services during Strands Vintage Market and looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Best wishes,

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