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Ban-Lon Shirt

A Ban-Lon shirt is a polo-style shirt or sweater from the 1960s and 70s that has banded arms and a waist band which creates a neat and tailored look when untucked.

The shirts are made of synthetic fiber that is artificially crimped to give it more bulk than ordinary yarns.  Ban-Lon is a trademark of the Monsanto Corporation.

Ban-Lon shirts were often worn by Kramer on the TV series “Seinfeld.” Conversely, Frank Costanza told Kramer that because of his man breasts he “wouldn’t be caught dead in Ban-Lon.”

Ban-Lon was touted as “the miracle fabric that washes and dries for you in minutes and never shrinks or sags. It’s ideal for summer because it’s absorbent to keep you feeling mint fresh.  And it’s marvelous in winter too.  Resists moths and mildew season after season. Ban-Lon feels so good and fits so sleek.”


En Ban-Lonskjorta är en skjorta i polostil eller tröja från 1960- och 70-talet som har ärm och midjemuddar vilket ger en prydlig och skräddarsydd look när tröjan bärs utanpå byxorna. Ban-Lonskjortor bars ofta av Kramer i TV-serien Seinfeld.

Skjortorna görs av syntetiska fibrer som är veckade artificiellt för att ge skjortan mer volym än vanliga fibrer. Ban-Lon är ett varumärke som tillhör företaget Monsanto.

Ban-Lon såldes som mirakltyget som „kunde tvättas och torkas på några minuter och som aldrig krympte eller tappade formen. Ban-Lon passar bra på sommaren då tyget drar åt sig fukt och håller dig torr. Och tyget är bra på vintern också. Tyget drabbas varken av mal eller mögel och håller sig fräscht säsong efter säsong. Ban Lon känns och passar bra” (annons fran Chattanooga Times, 24 januari 1960).

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Vote for Armenia in Oslo!

Eva Rivas of Armenia & Lori of Americana

Americana just lves Armenia’s entrant for the EuroVision Song Contest this year!  That’s because our girl Lori is her English coach.  Yep, when Eva Rivas sings “Apricot Stone” in perfect English you can credit Lori for that!

And if you happen to see Eva sporting a Western shirt on the streets of Oslo, Americana hooked up the Armenian cowgirl with her look.

So give Armenia your vote for EuroVision this year. It’s a cool song that has Americana’s 100% stamp of approval for a good beat, danceability & perfect English!


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Americana On Tour This Summer

Although we had mad fun @ Basar Under, Americana’s not just all about Stockholm!

We’ll be On Tour this summer bringing cool American vintage classics to you. We’ll be at the Peace & Love Festival in Borlänge, Power Big Meet in Vasterås as well as some other to-be-announced events.

In September, we’re even coming to Finland for Helsinki Vintage, then back to Stockholm

Bakat:Framåt Vintagemässan 25-25 September

for Bakat:Framåt Vintagemässan & more dates in the fall @ Basar Under.

So be sure to check back our Americana On Tour page often.  And as always, our Online Shop is open 24/7.

As we bid farewell to the season at Basar Under, we were lucky enough to meet Therese & Carin with their voudrais creations.  These girls have the pulse on all things cool & happening, so be sure to check them out to help you get your summer groove on!

Therese & Carin of voudrais


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Americana’s Coming Back to Basar Under

Milena & Gabbi: The Super-Duper Organizing Duo of Basar Under

We’ll be back this Saturday at Basar Under.  Gabbi & Milena organize such a great market in Stockholm for vintage and handmade things, so how could we resist?

And how can you?!

So y’all come!

Basar Under @ Skrapan

this Saturday

from 11:00-18:00

Södermalm Stockholm

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Behind the Scenes @ Americana’s Photo Shoot

I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes photos with you from Americana’s photo session last Sunday. Photographer Mårten Keijser pulled together a great team.

On hand was stylist Emilié Karlberg who along with Mårten created the concept for the shoot. Emilié also selected the ensembles from Americana’s collection and fed us all her wonderful lemon pie.

Anna Höggren of Nouveau Model Agency provided us with her sweet and hard looks that pumped up the volume on all the shots.

Brent Chua of Ford Models, who just happened to be in Stockholm doing a campaign for H&M, brought a NYC edge to the Americana shoot.

I’ll share the resulting photos with you soon…


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Shout Out To All The Folks @ Basar Under

Americana @ Basar Under

Oh my! what a great time it was at Basar Under this weekend!

To all of you who stopped by, I simply want to say…


Not only did I have a great time with y’all, I also enjoyed the company of the other exhibitors at Basar Under.

This week’s featured artist, Arvid Leppäkoski is an open soul with interesting, multi-layered work.

Arvid Sporting a Boy Scout Shirt

And Americana’s super sweet French post-modern neighbor Suzywan is one of the most forward-thinking people to hit Stockholm.

Isak in a Cool Americana Jacket & Suzywan Just Being Cool

We loved Saturday so much that we’re coming back next weekend to Basar Under @ Skrapan in Södermalm!

Until then, y’all have a wonderful week!


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Americana @ Basar Under at Skrapan in Södermalm Stockholm

Americana will be at Basar Under this Saturday from 11:00-18:00 at Skrapan in Södermalm in Stockholm!

We’re gearing up to give all the hipsters in Södermalm just the thing they’re looking for…

We’re bringing spring jackets, t-shirts, acres of other classic American clothing & even some surprises! It will be the coolest stuff to hit the South Side in a long time!

So swing over to Basar Under at Skrapan this weekend & come see us!

Say you can’t make it to Basar Under?  Don’t worry!  You can shop Americana’s Online Shop 24/7 & get fri frakt inom Sverige (I love saying that in Swedish!)

Y’all come!

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Two Types of Penny Loafers

Allen Edmonds Walden & Bass Weejuns

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Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers Are a Classic American Shoe (photo via Life Archive)

Penny loafers are black or brown slip-on shoes for men or women, based on a moccasin design.  Inspiration for penny loafers came from handmade shoes made by Norwegian fishermen in the early 20th century.  The first penny loafers were made by G.H. Bass in Maine in 1936.  The company’s brand-named version of the shoe “Weejuns” was taken from the word “Norwegian.”

Penny loafers became very popular with young people in America in 1950s and 60s.  At that time, pennies were inserted into the instep’s cut-out for decoration, and perhaps as a lucky charm. Girls of that period were also known to sometimes put a dime in their penny loafers, just in case it was needed to make a phone call when they were away from home.

Later in the 1980’s, penny loafers became the must-have shoe for preppies, who usually wore them sockless.  The shoes were also made famous by Michael Jackson, who donned them with glittery white socks.

Weejuns Are The Original American Penny Loafer (photo via G.H. Bass)

Penny loafers är svarta eller bruna slip-on skor för män eller kvinnor baserade på en mockasindesign. Inspirationen för att göra penny loafers kom från handgjorda skor tillverkade av norska fiskare på tidigt 1900-tal. Det första paret penny loafers gjordes av GH Bass i Maine 1936. Bass kallade sin version a skon “weejuns” från “Norwegian.”

Michael Jackson Wearing Penny Loafers (photo via Getty Images)

Penny loafers blev mycket populära bland yngre amerikaner på 1950- och 1960-talen. Vid denna tid började man lägga i ett 1 centsmynt på utsidan av plösen som dekoration eller kanske för att ha tur. Ibland la flickor ett 10 centsmynt på utsidan av plösen ifall de skulle behöva ringa hem när de var ute.

På 1980-talet blev penny loafers en populär sko bland preppies som ofta hade på sig dem utan sockor. Skorna gjordes också Berömda av Michael Jackson som bar dem med vita glittriga sockor.

© Copyright 2010 Americana

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Legend of The Alamo Baseball Jacket

We were very excited when we received this baseball jacket at Americana!  It is a 2003 Mexican commemerative Alamo victory jacket from the Santa Julia Artilleros.

Let’s dissect the jacket to uncover some interesting details...

The Alamo Image on the Jacket:

  • The jacket commemorates the Mexican victory at The Alamo.
  • The jacket displays an image of The Alamo building, along with various Mexican heroes.
  • Because of the defeat at The Alamo, Texans were forever reminded of the fact that the war for independence from Mexico was far from over and they must unite or lose all.
  • Because of their defeat, a rally-cry for Texas-Americans to this day is “Remember The Alamo!”

The Jacket’s Quote:

  • On the back of the jacket is a quote from 1836 by Mexican General Santa Anna: “I am not afraid of Crockett.”
  • Davy Crockett was a Tennessee Volunteer who fought on the American side at The Alamo & died there as an American hero.

The Jacket’s Provenance:

  • This metallic silver nylon baseball jacket was acquired in Texas.
  • It was most likely worn by a Mexican-American from Dripping Springs, Texas who has an affiliation to the Santa Julia Artilleros.
  • The jacket was made by West Ark, which is a well-known quality baseball jacket brand.

Other Interesting Facts About the Alamo:

  • The Alamo is in San Antonio Texas. Texans refer to the city as “San Antón”
  • Dripping Springs, Texas, referred to on the bottom of the jacket, is near Austin, Texas.
  • Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for urinating on The Alamo and thereafter was banned from ever entering the city of San Antonio again.

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