Shout Out To All The Folks @ Ballroom Rumble

Americana @ Ballroom Rumble

A big thanks to all the good people who stopped by the Americana booth at Ballroom Rumble this weekend in Nyköping Sweden! Special appreciation goes out to the organizers of the event for letting us join in on the fun.

Americana had wonderful customers, made new friends & also had great neighbors who were also exhibitors at Ballroom Rumble.

The fabulous & gorgeous Pin-Up Sisters were close by offering the cutest & naughtiest stuff for the ladies.  We’ll be teaming up again with the Sisters this summer in Borlänge at the Peace & Love Festival’s Rock & Roll Heaven, which should be a blast once again, so y’all come see us!  Plus, my American brother Von Sven was just across from me pinstripin’ & offering cool detailing service on all the stuff that came near his brushes during the night.

Pin-Up Sister Anna & Gina of Americana

Next stop for Americana On Tour is Basar Under on May 15th from 11:00-18:00 at Skrapan in Södermalm in Stockholm.

See y’all there!



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3 responses to “Shout Out To All The Folks @ Ballroom Rumble

  1. It looks fantastic! Can’t wait for Borlange!

  2. Hello Gina, we met at the “Loppis” in Nyköping the other day. I didn´t know that you were selling clothes at the ballroom Rumble, I was there as well but in some strange way I didn´t check out what you were selling :). I hope that you liked the swedish “bonader” that you bought from me. This is really a great sight that I will investigate some more :). Have a great day Gina!

    Best regards Terésie (Tess).

  3. Lori: Yes, I can’t wait for Borlange either! It’s going to be fuuuuunnn!!!
    Teresie: So glad you like my website. Too bad we didn’t meet @ Ballroom Rumble, but I’m here in Nykoping, so hope to see you again soon! BTW, I’m lovin’ those bonader, even though they’re for Christmas.

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