Legend of The Alamo Baseball Jacket

We were very excited when we received this baseball jacket at Americana!  It is a 2003 Mexican commemerative Alamo victory jacket from the Santa Julia Artilleros.

Let’s dissect the jacket to uncover some interesting details...

The Alamo Image on the Jacket:

  • The jacket commemorates the Mexican victory at The Alamo.
  • The jacket displays an image of The Alamo building, along with various Mexican heroes.
  • Because of the defeat at The Alamo, Texans were forever reminded of the fact that the war for independence from Mexico was far from over and they must unite or lose all.
  • Because of their defeat, a rally-cry for Texas-Americans to this day is “Remember The Alamo!”

The Jacket’s Quote:

  • On the back of the jacket is a quote from 1836 by Mexican General Santa Anna: “I am not afraid of Crockett.”
  • Davy Crockett was a Tennessee Volunteer who fought on the American side at The Alamo & died there as an American hero.

The Jacket’s Provenance:

  • This metallic silver nylon baseball jacket was acquired in Texas.
  • It was most likely worn by a Mexican-American from Dripping Springs, Texas who has an affiliation to the Santa Julia Artilleros.
  • The jacket was made by West Ark, which is a well-known quality baseball jacket brand.

Other Interesting Facts About the Alamo:

  • The Alamo is in San Antonio Texas. Texans refer to the city as “San Antón”
  • Dripping Springs, Texas, referred to on the bottom of the jacket, is near Austin, Texas.
  • Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for urinating on The Alamo and thereafter was banned from ever entering the city of San Antonio again.

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