Shout Out To All The Folks @ Basar Under

Americana @ Basar Under

Oh my! what a great time it was at Basar Under this weekend!

To all of you who stopped by, I simply want to say…


Not only did I have a great time with y’all, I also enjoyed the company of the other exhibitors at Basar Under.

This week’s featured artist, Arvid Leppäkoski is an open soul with interesting, multi-layered work.

Arvid Sporting a Boy Scout Shirt

And Americana’s super sweet French post-modern neighbor Suzywan is one of the most forward-thinking people to hit Stockholm.

Isak in a Cool Americana Jacket & Suzywan Just Being Cool

We loved Saturday so much that we’re coming back next weekend to Basar Under @ Skrapan in Södermalm!

Until then, y’all have a wonderful week!


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3 responses to “Shout Out To All The Folks @ Basar Under

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for a great day! Good to hear that you’re coming back to Basar under next week, I’ll definetly be there and hope you might have some baseball jackets as well this time. And I have to get one of your t-shirts, I totally forgot last time!

    Btw, I’ve gotten so many compliments about the shirt it’s almost ridiculous! 🙂

    Arvid Leppäkoski

  2. Arvid, you’re so fun & interesting! I really enjoyed meeting you.

    I knew you’d get loads of compliments. I’ll bring some baseball jackets next weekend, but I have tons in my Online Shop right now.

    Can’t wait ’til Saturday!

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