Behind the Scenes @ Americana’s Photo Shoot

I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes photos with you from Americana’s photo session last Sunday. Photographer Mårten Keijser pulled together a great team.

On hand was stylist Emilié Karlberg who along with Mårten created the concept for the shoot. Emilié also selected the ensembles from Americana’s collection and fed us all her wonderful lemon pie.

Anna Höggren of Nouveau Model Agency provided us with her sweet and hard looks that pumped up the volume on all the shots.

Brent Chua of Ford Models, who just happened to be in Stockholm doing a campaign for H&M, brought a NYC edge to the Americana shoot.

I’ll share the resulting photos with you soon…


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8 responses to “Behind the Scenes @ Americana’s Photo Shoot

  1. Amazing! Can’t wait to see the finished shots!

  2. cindy lindsrtom

    i am a fan of brent chua! he has such a good attitude in life. i cannot wait to see the final results. he lives up to his title as the asian male supermodel! bravo!

    btw, are your clothes available online?

  3. gunnel lindberg

    great clothes. where is your shop in stockholm?

    btw, i am a fan of asian male supermodel brent chua. wow

    • Hold on, Americana’s coming to Sweden! Look for our shop in Stockholm & “real” online shop later in the year. In the meantime, you can shop 24/7 at our Tradera Online Shop & see us this summer at these events!

      I’m a fan of Brent too! He’s a real sweetie pie for giving Americana a bit of his free time in his busy schedule. His positive energy is wonderful!

  4. imran abwar

    ❤ brent chua! ❤ your vintage collection. what's your price range?

    • We love Brent too! He’s so generous to give his time to Americana & the rest of the team for the photo shoot!

      So glad you like Americana’s vintage collection! Our price range is 40-2100 SEK, with most of our products being 200-500 SEK. Great American vintage @ wonderful prices…we guarantee it!

  5. thomas lindstrom

    im amazed. brent chua is just hot.

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