Vote for Armenia in Oslo!

Eva Rivas of Armenia & Lori of Americana

Americana just lves Armenia’s entrant for the EuroVision Song Contest this year!  That’s because our girl Lori is her English coach.  Yep, when Eva Rivas sings “Apricot Stone” in perfect English you can credit Lori for that!

And if you happen to see Eva sporting a Western shirt on the streets of Oslo, Americana hooked up the Armenian cowgirl with her look.

So give Armenia your vote for EuroVision this year. It’s a cool song that has Americana’s 100% stamp of approval for a good beat, danceability & perfect English!


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4 responses to “Vote for Armenia in Oslo!

  1. Thank you Gina for the glamorous package that arrived this week! The clutch is really lovely and it was very sweet of you:) I will make a post about as soon as I get any good pictures of it!
    Hope you are all well,

  2. GO EVA!!!! We are cheering for you!

  3. By the way…I look like a midget next to her!!

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