Ban-Lon Shirt

A Ban-Lon shirt is a polo-style shirt or sweater from the 1960s and 70s that has banded arms and a waist band which creates a neat and tailored look when untucked.

The shirts are made of synthetic fiber that is artificially crimped to give it more bulk than ordinary yarns.  Ban-Lon is a trademark of the Monsanto Corporation.

Ban-Lon shirts were often worn by Kramer on the TV series “Seinfeld.” Conversely, Frank Costanza told Kramer that because of his man breasts he “wouldn’t be caught dead in Ban-Lon.”

Ban-Lon was touted as “the miracle fabric that washes and dries for you in minutes and never shrinks or sags. It’s ideal for summer because it’s absorbent to keep you feeling mint fresh.  And it’s marvelous in winter too.  Resists moths and mildew season after season. Ban-Lon feels so good and fits so sleek.”


En Ban-Lonskjorta är en skjorta i polostil eller tröja från 1960- och 70-talet som har ärm och midjemuddar vilket ger en prydlig och skräddarsydd look när tröjan bärs utanpå byxorna. Ban-Lonskjortor bars ofta av Kramer i TV-serien Seinfeld.

Skjortorna görs av syntetiska fibrer som är veckade artificiellt för att ge skjortan mer volym än vanliga fibrer. Ban-Lon är ett varumärke som tillhör företaget Monsanto.

Ban-Lon såldes som mirakltyget som „kunde tvättas och torkas på några minuter och som aldrig krympte eller tappade formen. Ban-Lon passar bra på sommaren då tyget drar åt sig fukt och håller dig torr. Och tyget är bra på vintern också. Tyget drabbas varken av mal eller mögel och håller sig fräscht säsong efter säsong. Ban Lon känns och passar bra” (annons fran Chattanooga Times, 24 januari 1960).

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6 responses to “Ban-Lon Shirt

  1. would like to know how to purchase these shirts and a catalog if available thank you.

  2. judy fogarty

    When did ban-lons go out of style? Were they still popular in late 70s? Like 1978?

    • Gina

      Banlon began to go out of style in the early- to mid-1970s. There were still people wearing Ban-Lon in the late 1970s, but it was not widely popular.

      Beginning in the late 1970s, many clothing items made of polyester or other synthetic materials went out of style. During this time, the consumer began to prefer clothing made of natural materials.

  3. chris arbogast

    I still wear a Banlon sweater. It’s withstood years and years. I estimate it’s age as that of the 1960’s.

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