Cheerleader Uniform Fashions Are Changing

As many of you gear up this fall to either cheer on your favorite teams or to get your cheerleader costume ready for Halloween, cheerleader uniforms are making the news.

Seminole County, Florida Cheerleaders - Photo via Stephen M. Dowell Orlando Sentinel

In Florida earlier this year, cheerleaders had to get special permission to wear their skirts on game day, because the uniforms were deemed to be too sexy for the school’s new dress code.

Bridgeport Central H.S. Cheerleaders - Photo via Autumn Driscoll

In a related story, cheerleaders in Connecticut requested school officials to make their uniforms more conservative from the skimpy midriff-baring tops & short skirts.

The Connecticut cheerleaders’ demands are related to a recent study of university cheerleaders in America which stated that college cheerleaders whose uniforms exposed midriffs faced a significantly higher risk of developing eating disorders.

Georgia Tech Cheerleaders - Photo via Gene Galin

Society’s standards and cheerleaders self image are both contributing to the changing fashions and standards which will affect what we’ll see cheerleaders wearing in the years to come.

Which way do you hope the cheerleader skirts & tops go? Up or down?

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3 responses to “Cheerleader Uniform Fashions Are Changing

  1. Skirts a few centimetres down… And no midriff baring tops! Let the cheerleaders have some fabric on that over exposed body!

  2. I can imagine that short uniforms can be cool during the American football months of the fall, so perhaps some of the cheerleaders would agree with you for this reason alone.

  3. ...

    By writing this comment I believe I am speaking on behalf of every 15 year old boy out there. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SKIRTS LONGER. The more skin, the better. Oh and btw they should just remove the dress codes, they are a violation of the first amendment. It’s one thing to ban someone’s shirt because it promotes violence, but it’s another thing to say, omg this girl’s skirt is two inches above her knee, oh the horror! I’m glad that myn doesn’t take that too seriously but I offer my sympathies to all the boys who live in schools that do enforce that policy.

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