Celebrate Corduroy Day on 11|11

November 11 is Corduroy Day!  Each year on 11|11, which is the date that most resembles the fabric, Corduroy is honored by the Corduroy Appreciation Club, who meet in New York City.

Attendees must wear at least 2 items of Corduroy to the event, where the president gives the State of Corduroy address, awards are given for various Corduroy-ness and food & drink are served which resembles the extolled fabric. The Club also meets every year on January 11, or 1|11, the other date which looks like the organization’s beloved fabric.

Can you imagine what they will do in 2011 (11|11|11) ?!

AMERICANA will let you know…

To learn more about the Corduroy Appreciation Club & their events, click here.



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2 responses to “Celebrate Corduroy Day on 11|11

  1. hmmm…I’ll have to wear a little corduroy tomorrow!

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