Estonian All-Stars

On my recent trip to Tallinn, I had to track down Estonia’s answer to Converse All Stars.  And tracking I did…

After trawling both souvenir shops as well as shoe stores, I was finally told that the best place to buy these special shoes made by Gong was at the post office (?!) in the center of town.  Trekking through the snow, I made my way there, took a number & waited.

The post lady then showed me all the models, which reflect the national costume of different regions of Estonia.  She asked for my size & which region I’d like.  I chose Pärnu.

There I was, discussing size & fit with a postal worker!

I tried them on, asked for a few post card stamps, paid for everything & I was on my way!

Tänan teid Eesti (Props to Estonia!) for the cool tribute to your style culture & mine!

The proud owner wears her new shoes!

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays (this girl) from the swift completion of (her) appointed rounds (to find these shoes!)”



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9 responses to “Estonian All-Stars

  1. That is awesome! And how convenient to be able to pick up stamps when you’re shoe shopping. 🙂

  2. Ina

    Cool, I didn’t know about those, I have to get myself a pair next time I’m in Tallinn…

  3. Fanny: Ha Ha, yep, that’s right!

    Ina: Rumor has it that the post office is selling the last of what’s left of them. Perhaps it’s best to buy them online. But be warned: They run large in size. I usually wear a 37 or 38, but bought a 36.

  4. Mimosa

    I didnt know either, very interesting idea to use regional national costumes in these…
    The Estonian Post Office horn and even the color is just like in Finland becore we got this new, awful Itella-name for our postal services and new colors. I prefer that orange.

  5. Yeah….that’s pretty rad!!!

  6. BABY, got a new pair of shoes !!!!!

    Really favoloso!!!! ……..especially with Americana Vintage clothing!!! WOW !!!

  7. haha, cool! Now I know what to look for next time I’m in Estonia!

  8. Those are really adorable. I like the ones you got the best. I think i’ll suggest to our post office here in the US that they should sell shoes, seeing as they are $$billions in debt!

  9. Mimosa: I would definitely buy a pair of these if they were made of Finnish folk costumes!
    Antonia: For sure! They’re soooo original.
    Lizzie: I’m glad that you, who has such good taste, approves of the ones I chose. I also liked those because they were the only pair with the Estonian letter ä written on them.

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