Tracking Santa Claus

Google & the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have teamed up to help you follow Santa as he travels around the world.

You won’t miss a thing if you tune into There you can see Santa’s current location & his next stop on a Google Map.  You can also watch the “Santa Cam” videos by clicking on the camera icons & learn more about each city Santa visits by clicking on the gift icons.

If you’re the 3D-loving type, you can switch over to the (much more attractive) Google Earth view with the Google Earth plugin which you can install here.

Mobile access is also supported.  Just visit on your mobile phone’s browser, or search for “santa” in Google Maps for mobile.

Finally, you can track Santa via Facebook and Twitter over at @noradsanta. For some slightly more advanced tips on how to track Santa this year, check out this page.

We hope Santa Claus finds his way to your home & you get all the gifts you wished for!



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2 responses to “Tracking Santa Claus

  1. Have very good x-mas from a snovy sweden.

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