Vintage Pac-Man

Here’s a little vintage video gaming fun to put you  in the right spirit for 2011!

Good luck!

And a little vintage Pac-Man music to go along with it…



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9 responses to “Vintage Pac-Man

  1. Ina

    Well, thank you, now I managed to use 10 minutes work time to play Pac-Man :D… (Next Tetris for a Sovietic point of play view)

    • Yep, that was exactly the point! I plan to keep a smaller version of it on the bottom right hand column of the blog, so you can waste more of your work time in trying to get your score higher 😉

      I’ll see if I can find Tetris to put up in order to have the cold war of vintage video games!

  2. Mimosa

    I´ve got 80s Pacman as board game!!!!

  3. What?! I never knew that existed. I love that “vintage” game in any form.

  4. Haha, thanks, I’m stuck now=))

  5. Lori

    I really suck at this game….I’m much better with the actual arcade set-up!

  6. I know. There’s something about being able to put muscle into the game that makes you better at it.

  7. GOOD NEWS! I’m putting Pac Man on the lower right hand column of the blog for all of you who’ve become addicted or want to make your game better. Enjoy!

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