The Maine Hunting Shoe: A Classic Re-Mix

When writing the latest blog posts for AMERICANA about L.L. Bean & Sticking With The Classics, I was reminded about the Maine Hunting Shoe & how it’s been re-mixed over the years.

Maine Hunting Shoe via L.L. Bean


Since 1912, L.L. Bean has been making the the classic “duck boot” in a variety of styles they have developed over the years. One can say that this humble hunting boot is the backbone of L.L. Bean, both as a brand and a company.

During the last wave of prep/ivy/classic American fashion, shoe designer Manolo Blahnik came out with a version of the Maine Hunting shoe for women, with a stiletto heel and pointed toe in 1978.

Manolo Blahnik's Maine Hunting Shoe 1978 via Foster Huntington


For Fall/Winter 2010, Tommy Hilfiger re-worked the Maine Hunting Shoe once again for high fashion, with several twists on the old classic.  Hilfiger’s designs delighted some, while horrifying others.

via Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2010 via New York Magazine

Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2010 via New York Magazine


I think that’s what seperates classic American style from fleeting trends.  The ability to wear the original, a re-mix or both at the same time, with a nod to the past and the confidence to wear it today and onward toward tomorrow.

Should classic designs be left alone or is it ok to re-mix them for a new look?


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4 responses to “The Maine Hunting Shoe: A Classic Re-Mix

  1. Ina

    This isn’t perhaps the worst example I’ve seen, especially the over-knees are actually quite funny. But the high heels someone made on Converses (or perhaps Converses-lool-alikes) a few years ago looked really awful in my opinion. Of course there can be good examples of re-mixes, but in general I would say it’s quite hard to succeed…

  2. When I first saw them I was shocked. But then, the over-the-knee ones grew on me and I accept them as good “ironic fashion.”

  3. Oh, I’ve got a bit interested in a pair of hunting boots after reading this post…a classic winterboot is hard to find these days and this looks great. can really se these together with a flanellshirt and high waisted jeans… Do you know how the fit is? are they as comfortable as they look? The original of course, not the high heel one….the high heel one was not really in my taste….

    / Olivia

    • I would highly recommend these! I have 2 pair myself that I’ve had for decades. They are comfortable & get better with age. They are one of the items still made in Maine for L.L. Bean. Go for it! You’ll look great in them…I promise!

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