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Live & Jive’s Best Dressed

Many thanks to y’all for making Live & Jive a memorable Saturday night for AMERICANA. Here’s the best dressed folk from Sweden’s winter rockabilly weekender. Let us know who’s your favorite!

Miss Sjöström's Designs

Northern Hillbilly Boy

Ladies o' Live & Jive

Gothenburg's Finest

Philmer Fudd

Lovely In Lace

Dalarna's Tiki Dame


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AMERICANA @ Live & Jive This Saturday


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Is Wearing Vintage Clothing Good For The Environment?

Absolutely!  Vintage clothes are recycled items that are given a new life. Plus the new owner gets a a jolt of fashion freshness into their wardrobe.

Wearing vintage is a small contribution you can make toward improving the environment, while feeling good AND looking good at the same time.

The positive environmental factor is one of AMERICANA’s favorite things about our  awesome vintage clothing!

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How To Remove The Smell From Vintage Clothing

Do you love vintage clothing, but you just can’t stand that musty smell that goes with them?  No problem!  Removing the smell from vintage clothes is simple.

If the vintage item is washable, pour a cup of white vinegar into the washing machine, or into the tub if the item should be hand washed.

If the item is dry clean only, put the vintage garment into a confined sealed space, such as the bathroom.  Add 20% white vinegar and 80% water to a humidifier or other steamer.  Turn on the steamer and put the garment near the steam to get the full effect.

After washing or steaming, allow the vintage item to dry in sunlight or in a well-ventilated room. The vinegar smell should evaporate within 24 hours.

Here at AMERICANA Classic Vintage, we are vigilant about the care of our vintage pieces.  All of our items are professionally steamed using natural elements such as vinegar, to clean the garment, remove the smell and bacteria and brighten the colors.

AMERICANA‘s vintage clothing is clean, has no unwanted smells and looks fresh!


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Happy Valentines Day Y’all!


Photo via Eggs and Wool


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Nikki’s Drive-Inn

Overlooking Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nikki’s Drive-Inn has been serving up jumbo fried shrimp, hand-battered onion rings, mouth-watering burgers and more since 1941.

Owner June Jones says that regular folks as well as celebrities visiting the area can’t resist the tried-and-true tastes of Nikki’s. When Tina Turner was in Chattanooga for a concert several years ago, she smelled someone backstage eating Nikki’s and sent for a take-out from the legendary local restaurant.

With the table-top jukeboxes at Nikki’s, you’re also entertained with your favorite tunes while you eat.

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Are There Trends in Classic American Vintage Clothing?

A Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA

Classic American clothing items will always find their way into both new fashions globally as well as being a mainstay of vintage clothing.  That is because the timeless style of these items will always be in fashion and look great on anyone in any decade.

What we love most about the clothing we sell is when people re-mix the classics to constantly create new looks.  These classic American pieces have been blended with new fashions for generations to create new styles that reflect changing attitudes in society.

Photo via Street Etiquette

Here at AMERICANA, we fully embrace  all interpretations or creations of  new fashions that incorporate classic pieces of American vintage clothing to reflect a new style, attitude and rhythm of life. We love to see both old school preppies and new trads, rockabillies and psychobillies, new and old school hip-hop styles and everything else that makes classic American fashion look good!

Black Ivy - Photo via Street Etiquette


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The New Sound of the South

One of my favorite magazines, Garden & Gun, has published a playlist of The New Sound of the South.

Listening to this, y’all can easily understand why my homeland, the American South, is the birthplace of all great music including rock ‘n’ roll, blues, country, jazz, rhythm & blues and soul.

Looks like we’ve still got it!  Listen by clicking here.


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