The New Sound of the South

One of my favorite magazines, Garden & Gun, has published a playlist of The New Sound of the South.

Listening to this, y’all can easily understand why my homeland, the American South, is the birthplace of all great music including rock ‘n’ roll, blues, country, jazz, rhythm & blues and soul.

Looks like we’ve still got it!  Listen by clicking here.



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4 responses to “The New Sound of the South

  1. Ina

    Thank you for that link, Gina! You know I appreciate this music. I used to listen quite much to Alison Krauss, but somehow I had almost forgot about her.
    Nice name on the magazine, btw, Garden & Gun – only in America 😉

    • So glad you like the music. I’m so proud that my people can constantly turn out good sounds. As for Garden & Gun, I subscribe to the magazine although I’m neither partial to gardens nor guns. 😉

  2. Bronwyn

    Reminds me when I was in college and you sent me a tape of your own Athens GA music playlist, if you will. I think I still have that around here somewhere. Will have to check them out and see what I might already have on my iPod. BTW, would you like to get some press in the US about your book, beyond bloggers?

  3. Bronwyn: I had completely forgotten about that tape I sent you. Athens is still churning out some original sounds. If you haven’t already checked out Garden & Gun you must, as a fellow expat from the South. As for your offer for U.S. press (!), let’s take that discussion via email, ok?

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