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Rocket Room This Friday in Stockholm


AMERICANA’s Online Shop Opens Very Soon!

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The Baseball Shirt

Baseball Legend Stan Musial Wearing a Baseball Shirt with Cardinal Red Sleeves

The Major League Baseball season opener is this Thursday, so I thought I’d go with a blog post to celebrate the big day…

Baseball shirts are three-quarter length, raglan sleeve t-shirts worn under a team uniform shirt.  The sleeves and neckband are made of a contrasting color to the body of the shirt and can be seen extending out from under the short-sleeved uniform shirt.

These t-shirts were very popular with American youth during the 1970s.  They can be plain or have a silk-screened graphic on the front.

Baseball Shirt - Photo via Symic

Take me out to the ballgame…


Hit a Home Run with Your Spring Wardrobe

AMERICANA Classic Vintage Online Shop Opens Very Soon!


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Rocket Room This Friday in Stockholm


AMERICANA’s Online Shop Opens Very Soon!

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Soul Train

One of my favorite American TV shows of all time is Soul Train.  When I was growing up, I anxiously awaited the broadcast every Saturday afternoon to hear all the latest R&B acts and learn some new moves.  A lot of other people liked American Bandstand, which was another music & dance show that also aired on Saturdays, but for me, Soul Train was “the hippest trip in America.”

My absolute favorite segment on the show was when the host Don Cornelius announced the “Soul Train Line.”  This lineup allowed the Soul Train dancers to showcase their best moves down a parallel line of all the other dancers.  This gave them a stage to let it all hang out & I loved every minute of it.  I still do.

Don Cornelius - Photo via B.E.T.


As Soul Train’s Don Corneilus always says at the end of the show…PEACE, LOVE & SOOOUUUL!


For further listening, I recommend my absolute favorite CD box set:

Soul Train 25th Anniversary Box Set

Watch Soul Train & get some vintage inspiration:

The Best of Soul Train (9 DVDs)


Put Some American Soul in Your Spring Wardrobe

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Can Vintage Clothing Be Recycled or Re-Sold?

Sure! Unless you spend a fortune on unique designer pieces, how many pieces of new clothing can you expect to keep their value?  If the item is cared for by the new owner, it can be re-used or re-sold once again.

Although not every vintage garment is sought-after, there is a collectible market for vintage clothing. Many pieces accrue value with time.  Because of these reasons, wearing vintage clothing is always a win-win situation.

Buying vintage is money well spent.


Invest in a unique piece of vintage American Clothing

AMERICANA Classic Vintage Online Shop Opens Later This Month

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Wear Green Today, Y’all!

Happy St. Patricks Day to all the Irish & to everyone else who loves Ireland!

In America, it is tradition to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, even if you’re not Irish.  And if you don’t, you might get pinched by someone who is wearing green!

When I lived in Ireland several years ago, I discovered that dressing in green was not necessarily the tradition in the land of St. Patrick himself.  Rather, the custom is to wear a bunch of clover pinned to your lapel. Many of the Irish even go all out & attach a virtual bush of shamrocks to their clothing.

Whatever tradition you follow today, old world or new, we wish you the luck of the Irish!


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AMERICANA’s Helsinki Vintage Lotto Winner

The lucky winner of the vintage shirt at Helsinki Vintage is…

Camilla Frisk of Grankulla!

CONGRATULATIONS & we hope you enjoy the vintage shirt from AMERICANA Classic Vintage!

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