AMERICANA ♥ Converse + Marimekko

While AMERICANA was in Finland last week, Marimekko, the iconic Finnish textile company, had the launch of their new shoe project in cooperation with Converse.  Although I didn’t make it to the release party at the flagship store in Helsinki, I did go down the next day to get a pair while they were still fresh.

Luckily this time, my adventure to get locally-designed Converse All-Stars was a little easier than my great shoe caper in Estonia that resulted in me buying a pair at the only place in town they were available: the post office.

This time, Marimekko’s Viola was there to help me find my size & the style I wanted.  There was a DJ & dancers in the store, but sadly I wasn’t able to buy stamps for my post cards there as well.

The next day at Helsinki Vintage, Marimekko’s Design Manager Noora Niinikoski stopped by AMERICANA’s shop for a chat about Converse Marimekko and the whole heritage trend with American & Finnish brands.  She amusingly recounted a similar adventure in Tallinn to find herself a pair of Estonian All-Stars, which also led her to the same back alley post office.

Here’s Noora to tell you all about Converse & Marimekko’s joint project:

Marimekko's Viola

You can buy a pair for yourself either through Marimekko or Converse‘s website.

They’re a limited edition so hurry!


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8 responses to “AMERICANA ♥ Converse + Marimekko

  1. Ina

    Oh, you got yourself a pair! That’s great!

  2. Ina: Of course, I’m so proud to have a pair! Since they’re limited edition, I’m going to take very good care of them.

  3. lori


  4. Yes Lori! When American & Finland get together, the result is awesome.

  5. They are really great. I’m trying to decide if I *need* another pair of Converse.

  6. In my world, cute shoes = always needed. 😉

  7. Ragnhild

    Awesome shoes, love the collaboration! Would have gotten a pair myself if they had my size. Hope you get to start wearing yours soon Gina! No more snow!!

  8. Ragnhild: It was a sad day when they didn’t have your size too. I’m wearing them the first day it’s clean & dry outside!

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