Wear Green Today, Y’all!

Happy St. Patricks Day to all the Irish & to everyone else who loves Ireland!

In America, it is tradition to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, even if you’re not Irish.  And if you don’t, you might get pinched by someone who is wearing green!

When I lived in Ireland several years ago, I discovered that dressing in green was not necessarily the tradition in the land of St. Patrick himself.  Rather, the custom is to wear a bunch of clover pinned to your lapel. Many of the Irish even go all out & attach a virtual bush of shamrocks to their clothing.

Whatever tradition you follow today, old world or new, we wish you the luck of the Irish!


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4 responses to “Wear Green Today, Y’all!

  1. Ina

    I’m dressed all red today, but that’s not a protest against Ireland 😀

  2. Ina: Actually, I’m sorry to say that wearing red is indeed an imperialist protest against Ireland. There’s a line from the song “Wearing of the Green” which says:
    “For they’re hangin’ men and women there for the wearin’ of the Green.
    Then since the colour we must wear is England’s cruel red”
    But we all know that you’re just an innocent Finn! 😉

    • Ina

      So completely indifferent to the outer world. I know a couple of Irish guys, they would probably never talk to me again after this 😀

  3. It’s okay, you’re Finnish!

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