Soul Train

One of my favorite American TV shows of all time is Soul Train.  When I was growing up, I anxiously awaited the broadcast every Saturday afternoon to hear all the latest R&B acts and learn some new moves.  A lot of other people liked American Bandstand, which was another music & dance show that also aired on Saturdays, but for me, Soul Train was “the hippest trip in America.”

My absolute favorite segment on the show was when the host Don Cornelius announced the “Soul Train Line.”  This lineup allowed the Soul Train dancers to showcase their best moves down a parallel line of all the other dancers.  This gave them a stage to let it all hang out & I loved every minute of it.  I still do.

Don Cornelius - Photo via B.E.T.


As Soul Train’s Don Corneilus always says at the end of the show…PEACE, LOVE & SOOOUUUL!


For further listening, I recommend my absolute favorite CD box set:

Soul Train 25th Anniversary Box Set

Watch Soul Train & get some vintage inspiration:

The Best of Soul Train (9 DVDs)


Put Some American Soul in Your Spring Wardrobe

AMERICANA Classic Vintage Online Shop Opens Later This Month



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6 responses to “Soul Train

  1. Peace, Love and SOOOUUULL!!
    Every single artist on that video is pretty amazing!!!

  2. Well, except maybe some of the 90’s stuff 😉 …wish I had half these moves!

  3. Maggie Lu

    I too loved Soul Train

  4. True, all true! And I loved the way the dancers dressed. Nothing like a great pair of elephant bells and some platforms to make the legs look lo00nnnggg.

  5. Hi Gina!
    I’ve finally made a post about the second, fantastic Pendleton-jacket you sent me. It fit perfectly, like the first one, and I love the red colour! If you’d see me around these days you’d probably see me wearing it;)

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