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AMERICANA’s Got Authentic Baseball Jackets

San Francisco 49ers Jacket from AMERICANA


With a nip of cool still in the air this time of year, it’s time to put yourself into a new spring jacket.

Dodgers Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA


AMERICANA’s the source for authentic vintage baseball jackets from the USA.  We’ve got acres of all the famous American brands including Starter, AristoJac by Hilton, Hartwell, Holloway, Auburn, Chalk Line and West Ark, plus many more!

Rattlers Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA


Plus, all our baseball jackets from the U.S. are authentically priced at at 300 SEK & 400 SEK each (€33 & €44)!

Yankees Jacket from AMERICANA

Pool Room Jacket from AMERICANA


Red Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA

Red Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA

____________________________________________________________________Want an authentic look?

AMERICANA’s  Got Over 60 Baseball Jackets (& Counting!) in Our Online Shop + We Offer Free Shipping on All Orders in Europe…Always!

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These Aren’t Your Mother’s Penny Loafers

If you visit this blog often enough, you know that I like to talk about American-inspired shoes that I come across up here in the Nordic region of the world.  So in my latest installment, I give you…Swedish Hasbeens’ loafers!

While AMERICANA was at Bakåt:Framåt vintage fair a few weekends ago, we had the good fortune of being neighbors with the ladies from Swedish Hasbeens.  They are a fun & super-sweet bunch of girls. We immediately fell in love with some of their new styles, as well as the classics they had on display.

These shoes are straight-up fashionista certified back home in the States, where Sarah Jessica Parker has given up her Manolos for Swedish Hasbeens.  Personally, I love their nod to their American fans through their American-Swedish remix of penny loafers & clogs.

Indeed, penny loafers were inspired by Scandinavian shoes, as I mentioned in this post. Plus, Americans have been worshipping clogs for decades, as also noted in my earlier video blog.

So hats off to Swedish Hasbeens for bringing the Swedish-American mutual admiration society a bit closer!

Now, all I need are a couple of pennies for the cut-out part of my new shoes…or should I place a couple of kronor there instead? 😉


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What’s the Difference Between Retro and Vintage?

In defining clothing, there is a difference between retro and vintage.  Retro is distinguished from vintage as new items that are created in the style of, or are inspired by fashions of the past, but are newly produced.


Vintage Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA


When an item that borrows from an old style is first sold as new, it is indeed defined as retro. Once these items are worn, time moves on and if their style and value are maintained, then they may be eventually defined as vintage.


Retro Baseball Jacket from DePalma - Photo via


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Bakåt:Framåt’s Best Dressed

The people at Bakåt:Framåt brought the warmth indoors to AMERICANA this past weekend with their great style & sunny attitudes.  Here’s the best dressed folk from Sweden’s coolest vintage event.  Let us know who’s your favorite!

Landed Gent(ry)


Mr. & Mrs. Hipster

Ulf De Wolf

Fresh & Springy

Pretty In Pink

Denim Daddy

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What Does “Vintage” Mean? The Definition of Vintage Clothing

What is vintage clothing?

Vintage clothing is defined as previously-owned clothing, that with age, looks better and maintains style.

Time is not the only criteria used to define vintage, but rather other elements such as enduring style, perceived quality and accrued value.

Vintage clothing usually comes from a different era, but the definition should not be confined only in years.

Why call some used clothes “vintage”?

In fashion, we take the term vintage from the culture of wine.  Much like you can have a great vintage wine from a few years back, so too can you have a fantastic piece of vintage clothing that is not technically that old.  Like wine, vintage clothing gets better, intensifies in quality and gains value with age.

Some pieces of clothing, that are rare simply because of their age, often transcend the definition of vintage and move into the category of antique or even historical artifact.

The value of these items illustrates that with time, vintage clothing can become rare and therefore more sought-after and expensive as a result.


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AMERICANA’s Online Shop Is Now Open!

Free Shipping on All Orders in Europe! 

AMERICANA Classic Vintage is your new home for online vintage shopping, with over 900 unique items in 13 categories of American vintage clothes to choose from. Plus, we’re adding new items all the time!

AMERICANA has made it easy for you to find the vintage pieces you want online, with everything categorized by both type and size. There’s also an easy-to-use size chart you can refer to on every page to help you find the perfect fit.

AMERICANA always gives you an interesting story to go along with each piece we sell, plus we promise you an exceptional customer experience every time you shop with us.

AMERICANA is located in Sweden, which means you’ll get your American vintage faster and won’t pay the extra and hidden costs to ship it from the States.

AMERICANA will always offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders in Europe, no matter how big or small!

So what are you waiting for?  You’re only a few clicks away from a unique piece of classic AMERICANA vintage!



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Can Anyone Wear Vintage Clothing?

Of course! People who wear vintage clothing can represent any type of person in the general population.  However, people who wear vintage, either a single piece in an outfit or head-to-toe, usually have an interest in fashion and want to create their own individual style.

Americana Girls Mixing Vintage With Contemporary Fashion

All of us here at AMERICANA have been wearing & collecting vintage clothing long before there was even the term “vintage.”  We’ve always had fun hunting for particular items which stood the test of time in style and quality, or which were unique to wear with contemporary items.

Dating an item & allowing that to be the most important determining factor of whether it was acceptable for our wardrobes or not was never the litmus test for our vintage style.

Gina Americana in Head-to-Toe Vintage



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