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Vintage Sign Inspiration for AMERICANA’s New Shop

Photo via

There’s a lot going on with the renovation of our new store on Gamla Brogatan in Stockholm. Right now, the place is all about paint, lighting, fixtures, and of course the merchandise.

In this whirlwind of creative activity, we have begun to think of ideas for our sign out front. Working with the marvelous creative team at Clarex, we’ve crafted a vision that is influenced by classic vintage signs from America.

Here are some of our inspiration pieces:

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

I think we’ll be able to bring a little of the AMERICANA spirit to the streets of Sweden’s capital city.

Stay tuned to see what happens…


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Vintage Denim Shirts Are Always On Trend

Denim shirts are always a must have for both men & women.  Celebrities have been spotted all over wearing fitted, baggy, unwashed or well-worn shirts either alone or as a jacket.

AMERICANA Classic Vintage has got all of these looks in denim shirts.  Take a look around our vintage denim shirt collection.  We’re sure you’ll find just the right shade, fit and style you’re looking for!


AMERICANA Classic Vintage offers free shipping in Europe on all denim shirts & everything else!

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American Folk Art Legend Howard Finster & His Paradise Gardens

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Howard Finster (1916 – 2001) was an American folk artist, Baptist minister and lawnmower repairman from Pennville, Georgia.  Finster claimed that his artistic work was inspired by visions from God and his creative mission was to spread the gospel.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Finster created Paradise Gardens in his home’s expansive yard in Pennville, Georgia which contains thousands of works of art.  Themes of his work range from American popular & historical icons such as Elvis Presley and George Washington to biblical figures and members of his own family.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Finster’s work is most famously displayed on the Talking Heads‘ album cover for Little Creatures. In 1985, Rolling Stone magazine selected this work by the artist as album cover of the year.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Finster also gained national fame after his collaborative work with Athens, Georgia-based band R.E.M. The band filmed the video for “Radio Free Europe” in Finster’s Paradise Gardens, and used one of the artist’s works as the cover for their second album Reckoning. Subsequently, the band recorded the song “Maps and Legends” (for their album Fables of the Reconstruction) as an homage to Finster.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Throughout his creative career, Howard Finster was responsible for introducing millions to American naive art, but even with his increased fame, he remained focused on his works’ religious outreach to the public.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin


Here’s a video to learn & see more of artist Howard Finster & his Paradise Gardens…



AMERICANA Classic Vintage is the source for American originals.


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AMERICANA’s New Store Renovation in Stockholm

If you haven’t already heard, we’re opening a store on Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm next month!

In the next few weeks, the locale will be undergoing a renovation to get it just right in the AMERICANA style.  Until then, here are a few sneak-peek “BEFORE” photos…

The wonderful vision of interior designer Camilla Spång and talents of the construction management team of Blisab will transform this “BEFORE” into a locale with a true AMERICANA atmosphere.

We’re so excited about our new home & hope to see you there!


Can’t wait ’til AMERICANA’s store opens in Stockholm?  Then visit our online shop, with over 900 classic vintage items with free shipping in Europe.


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New Music From Former Residents of Athens, Georgia

Check out the new music from the Grammy award winning artists who used to live in my former home of Athens, Georgia…

First Up…R.E.M….


Next…Danger Mouse (a.k.a. Brian Burton)…



AMERICANA Classic Vintage has loads of vintage clothes to help you get your rock star look just right.

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Throwaway Fashion: Is Vintage Part of the Solution?


Throwaway Fashion - via

Consider these statistics

  • The average American aged 13-70 owned 92 items of clothing, including 16 t-shirts, 12 casual shirts, 7 dress shirts, 7 pairs of jeans, 9 pairs of pants, 2 suits and 11 pairs of shoes. (Source: Cotton Inc.’s Lifestyle Monitor survey, 2008)
  • 94 % of the female population in Sweden in the 16 to 24 age group buys at least one item of new clothing each month (Source: Utstallningsfakta, 2009)
  • Every year, people in the U.K. accumulate 28 kilograms of new clothing.  This adds up to approximately 1.72 million tons of brand-new fashion being consumed on an annual basis in the UK. (Source: The Guardian, May 2011)

What do you think about throwaway fashion?  Is wearing vintage part of the solution?

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Why Are Older Pieces of Vintage Clothing So Hard To Find?


A Woman From The 1930s Doing Everthing She Can To Keep Her Clothes Looking New - via LIFE Photo Archive

Consider these statistics from the United States during the Great Depression of the 1930s:

  • A middle-class worker’s wardrobe contained fewer than 15 pieces of clothing, consisting of 3 suits, 8 shirts, and 1 extra pair of pants.
  • A unionized worker would own a uniform, 1 suit, 6 shirts, 1 pair of overalls and an extra pair of pants.
  • A 1933 study concluded that this “clothing must have been worn until it was fairly shabby.”

When you’re looking for that mint piece of vintage clothing from decades past, now you’ll know why it’s so hard to find.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, October 23, 2010.


AMERICANA Classic Vintage offers decades of fashion that has lived another life in the U.S.


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AMERICANA’s Vintage Bowling Shirts Always Score a STRIKE!

AMERICANA’s online shop has lanes & lanes of bowling shirts to help you score a strike with your summer style.  Here are some of our favorites…

____________________________________________________________________________Yes, It’s True!

AMERICANA Offers FREE SHIPPING On All Orders in Europe

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Bowling Shirts Remain Fashionable Although Bowling Is Not

Vintage Bowling Alley via

Many bowling alleys in the U.S. that have been in business for decades are gradually shutting their doors as bowling loses popularity as a sport.

Vintage Bowling Shirt from AMERICANA Classic Vintage

One such bowling center is Fairway in Massachusettes, whose faithful bowlers, nearly all in their 80s, are saddened by its closing.  “When we opened, everyone bowled,’’ said the 84-year-old owner of Fairway.

Within five years of opening in the 1950s, Fairway expanded from 16 to 32 lanes. In those days, there was a $1 charge for three games.

Bowling alleys have had a slow demise since the 1980s along with roller-skating complexes which also had their heyday in the 1950s.

All the while, the nostalgia for days gone by is seen everywhere through bowling shirt fashion.  The sport may be dying, but the fashion lives on!

Source: “Lane Closings,” from The Boston Globe, May 6, 2011.

Ypsi-Arbor Vintage Bowling Alley - Photo via

Sherman Bowling Center - Photo via

Star Lanes Bowl - Photo via

Sunset Lanes Vintage Bowling Sign - Photo via


No Matter What the Trend, AMERICANA Keeps You in Retro Bowling Fashion With Lanes & Lanes of Vintage Bowling Shirts!


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The Bowling Shirt

Bowling Shirts from AMERICANA Classic Vintage

From AMERICANA’s book A-Z of Classic American Clothing

Bowling shirts are short-sleeve shirts that are loosely fitted with a straight hem so that they can be worn un-tucked.  The collar of a bowling shirt often has a loop fastener that secures the top button, although this button is never fastened.  The shirt was designed with these specifications so that it would not interfere with the bowler’s movements.

Bowling Shirts are usually solid in color and can be decorated with a contrasting color, which made bowling teams easily identifiable in the lanes during competitions.  They can also have an embroidered bowling club insignia on the back and name of the wearer on the upper front.

Men's Bowling Shirt from AMERICANA

Bowling shirts have been popular since the 1950s in the United States, when youth began wearing them as a cool look outside the confines of bowling alleys.  In the last several years, bowling shirts have become a status symbol amongst urban street gangs in the US, although seeing a person wearing a retro bowling shirt usually makes others smile.

Classic brands of bowling shirts to look out for include Hilton, King Louie, Pin Splitter, Service Bowling Shirt, Imperial and Da Vinci.


____________________________________________________________________Want to make a strike?

AMERICANA’s  Got Lanes & Lanes of Bowling Shirts  in Our Online Shop + We Offer Free Shipping on All Orders in Europe…Always!

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