Bowling Shirts Remain Fashionable Although Bowling Is Not

Vintage Bowling Alley via

Many bowling alleys in the U.S. that have been in business for decades are gradually shutting their doors as bowling loses popularity as a sport.

Vintage Bowling Shirt from AMERICANA Classic Vintage

One such bowling center is Fairway in Massachusettes, whose faithful bowlers, nearly all in their 80s, are saddened by its closing.  “When we opened, everyone bowled,’’ said the 84-year-old owner of Fairway.

Within five years of opening in the 1950s, Fairway expanded from 16 to 32 lanes. In those days, there was a $1 charge for three games.

Bowling alleys have had a slow demise since the 1980s along with roller-skating complexes which also had their heyday in the 1950s.

All the while, the nostalgia for days gone by is seen everywhere through bowling shirt fashion.  The sport may be dying, but the fashion lives on!

Source: “Lane Closings,” from The Boston Globe, May 6, 2011.

Ypsi-Arbor Vintage Bowling Alley - Photo via

Sherman Bowling Center - Photo via

Star Lanes Bowl - Photo via

Sunset Lanes Vintage Bowling Sign - Photo via


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2 responses to “Bowling Shirts Remain Fashionable Although Bowling Is Not

  1. Amazing site. I chose this article to comment on but there are so many others that I enjoyed on your site. Bowling is dying and it is a shame. I’m in my 60s now but as a youth I spent every Saturday morning on the lanes. I continued to bowl in leagues until I was in my thirtys. It was a place where you could meet with friends and have a few drinks while getting away from it all. As my business grew, my time seemed to slip away from me. I’m afraid that has happened to much of America. We find ourselves working more and enjoying it less. Our time is consumed now in trying to stay ahead. It is a shame to see a lifestyle die.

    Lets through away all the cell phones and computers and turn back the hands of time… when we had some time to enjoy life 🙂

    • Gina

      Wow, what a wonderful comment! I always loved bowling & even took it for one of my physical education credits in college! Indeed, it is sad to see the demise of the good ol’ bowling alley the way it used to be.
      On another note, welcome to the AMERICANA blog. We’re so glad you like it here & invite you to come back often!

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