Throwaway Fashion: Is Vintage Part of the Solution?


Throwaway Fashion - via

Consider these statistics

  • The average American aged 13-70 owned 92 items of clothing, including 16 t-shirts, 12 casual shirts, 7 dress shirts, 7 pairs of jeans, 9 pairs of pants, 2 suits and 11 pairs of shoes. (Source: Cotton Inc.’s Lifestyle Monitor survey, 2008)
  • 94 % of the female population in Sweden in the 16 to 24 age group buys at least one item of new clothing each month (Source: Utstallningsfakta, 2009)
  • Every year, people in the U.K. accumulate 28 kilograms of new clothing.  This adds up to approximately 1.72 million tons of brand-new fashion being consumed on an annual basis in the UK. (Source: The Guardian, May 2011)

What do you think about throwaway fashion?  Is wearing vintage part of the solution?

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