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Carving Out a Slice of America in Stockholm: AMERICANA’s Store Renovation Update

The interior design & construction team are hard at work down at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm getting the new AMERICANA Classic Vintage store looking its best.

Nisse of Blisab Sorting the Reclaimed Wood for the Walls

Interior designer Camilla Spång is marvelously pulling together the talents of craftsmen from Blisab, Hantverkar’n i Gamla Stan, and Svensk Butiksbelysning to create an original space.

Pipes for the Handmade Racks Crafted by Hantverkar'n i Gamla Stan

The craftsmen are using all sorts of reclaimed and raw materials to get a truly unique AMERICANA feeling in Stockholm’s city center.

Peder Karlsson of Blisab, Dick Härling of Hantverkar'n i Gamla Stan and Interior Designer Camilla Spång Discuss Plans for the Handmade Racks

AMERICANA Classic Vintage will be a new and exciting destination for authentic pieces of American vintage clothing right here in Scandinavia.

Interior Designer Camilla Spång Measures the Handmade Pipe Racks

It’s only a few days left until we open this little slice of America in Sweden’s capital city for all of you!

We can’t wait!

Nisse of Blisab Begins Constructing the Reclaimed Wood Panelling



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The Year of Alabama Music

Although we’re now halfway through 2011, it’s still time to enjoy “The Year of Alabama Music.”

The roots of American music run deep in Alabama, where blues, rock, country and jazz all trace their origins.

Today, the scene is vibrant as ever, producing superstar performers and an authentic vibe that music lovers travel the globe to experience.

Alabama is the home to many famous names in music, including:

W.C. Handy – Father of the Blues

W.C. Handy

Hank Williams

Jimmy Buffett

Clarence Carter


Sam Phillips – Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneer

Sam Phillips

Tammy Wynette

Big Mama Thornton

Wilson Pickett

Dinah Washington

Hank Williams Jr.

Jimmie Rodgers – The Father of Country Music

Jimmie Rodgers

Emmylou Harris

Hank Locklin

Louvin Brothers

Lionel Ritchie

Martha Reeves

Lionel Ritchie – Soul & Pop Superstar

Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section

Nat King Cole

Percy Sledge

Shelby Lynne

Drive-By Truckers

Delmore Brothers



Ruben Studdard

Listen to The Alabama Playlist to hear these & other music greats who trace their roots to the Heart of Dixie.


AMERICANA Classic Vintage is the source for American originals.



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Rural American Vintage: The Sack Dress

Photo by Russell Lee, Library of Congress

In generations past in rural America, people were very creative in finding a practical use for almost everything.  One of the best examples of this is the sack dress.

Photo by Russell Lee, Library of Congress

At the time, flour, corn meal, coffee, sugar, salt and animal feed were packaged in cotton printed sacks.  Most rural women would use the fabric from the sacks to make a sack dress. Other items made using the sack material were blouses, skirts, boys’ & men’s shirts, pillow cases, aprons, table cloths and other clothing and household linens.

Photo by Marion Post Wolcott, Library of Congress

The clothing worn by women, men and children in photographs of rural America from the beginning of the 20th century through the early 1960s contain wonderful examples of sack dresses and other clothing made from sacks.

Photo by Jack Delano, Library of Congress

Today, many pieces of homemade vintage clothing can trace their roots to the humble sacks for flour, sugar or animal feed.

Photo by Russell Lee, Library of Congress


Photo by Russell Lee Library of Congress


AMERICANA’s store opens soon in Stockholm!  Until then, shop online with us. We have over 900 American vintage pieces with free shipping in Europe!


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Free Shipping in Europe….Really?

Yep, it’s true! We love our customers and will always offer you FREE SHIPPING on all orders in Europe.  Always!

We define Europe as the twenty-seven member-states of the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

If you want to order from any other European country or from the world outside of Europe, please contact us at before placing any order to inquire about delivery terms and shipping costs.


AMERICANA Classic Vintage has over 900 items of American vintage clothing…all delivered free in Europe!

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Tabasco Sauce: Taste An American Legend

I just love Tabasco Sauce, perhaps because it’s in my Southern genes…

After the Civil War, the crop harvests in my homeland of the American South were paltry. As a result, the people of the region had a bland and monotonous diet. To give the Southern table a little more flavor & spice, Edmund McIlhenny of New Iberia, Louisiana cooked up a hot sauce recipe from Capsicum frutescens peppers which was packaged in old cologne bottles made in a New Orleans glass factory.

Capsicum Frutescens: The Tabasco Sauce Pepper

The sauce was well-received by Southern cooks because it gave their tables more flavor & excitement.  Today, Tabasco is not only a staple in Southern meals, but is also seen on tables throughout the world.

Since the sauce’s beginnings, the McIlhenny family hand selects each year some of the finest peppers they grow for Tabasco sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana for their superior robustness, color and texture.  These special peppers are then put in white oak barrels, mixed together with a touch of Avery Island salt and aged for a few years.

Sometimes, a bit of this pepper mash is left to age a little longer and is then blended with premium white wine vinegar. When it’s just right, Tabasco strains and bottles it for McIlhenny family members and close family friends. Occasionally they make available a limited edition of this full-bodied sauce and specially package it for the public to taste.

The McIlhenny Tabasco Family Reserve sauce is about 5 times more expensive at $25 than the classic 5 oz. bottle with a price tag around $5. But I think it’s still a small price to pay for shaking on the McIlhenny family secret.


Add some SPICE to your wardrobe with a unique piece of clothing from AMERICANA Classic Vintage!


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