Power Big Meet & Swedish Raggare Documentary Film

Here’s a clip from a documentary about the Raggare culture in Sweden and the phenomenon of Power Big Meet, the Europe’s largest American car event in Västerås Sweden.  The film aired on SVT June 8, but can be viewed in full here. Enjoy!

Or you can come experience Power Big Meet LIVE! for yourself Thursday through Saturday in Västerås Sweden! For more information, click here.

____________________________________________________________________________AMERICANA Classic Vintage will be at the Swap Meet at Power Big Meet in Västerås selling authentic American vintage clothes to go with your classic American car.  Stop by & see us!



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2 responses to “Power Big Meet & Swedish Raggare Documentary Film

  1. Lori @ Americana

    I was excited to see that the first person they spoke with was holding an OHIO license plate!!! Have fun a Power Meet…wish I could be there, too!! But, someone has to hold down the fort and get all the good vintage to everyone in Stockholm!!

  2. Gina

    Lori: We’d love to have you here with us at Power Meet, but you’re the only one who can best hold down that fort in Stockholm!

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