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AMERICANA’s Blog Is 2 Years Old!

Yep, that’s right! We’ve been at it here on the blog for a little over 2 years. We’ve done our best to investigate & celebrate the origins of uniquely American clothing and brands, with a little American lifestyle thrown in along the way.

You can see how it all got started by reading our first post here.  Since that time, we’ve dropped the Swedish, learned a lot and had a great time hearing from all of you.  Plus, we piloted and then actually opened our business in Sweden and had y’all along for the ride the whole way. What fun it has been!

So let’s celebrate 2 years of our blog!  We’re happy we’ve been here these two years and hope you are too.


AMERICANA Classic Vintage is not just a blog but a store in Stockholm & a web shop too! Come visit us anytime at either place. We’d love to meet you!


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Fresh Vintage Just In at AMERICANA!


Indeed! We’ve got new boots, varsity jackets, belts, military jackets, denim jackets, pea coats and baseball jackets.

Plus, we’ve uploaded a ton of new things to our web shop in recent days.

Come see us for some fresh vintage in your wardrobe!

_______________________________________________________________AMERICANA Classic Vintage has a massive selection of premium vintage clothing all direct from the U.S.A.

Visit our store on Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm or shop online with us where you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

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Pointer Brand Is Back at AMERICANA: Work Wear at Working Man’s Prices


We just got in a new shipment of Pointer Brand chore jackets and jeans at AMERICANA!

This 100% all-American work wear denim has been cut & sewn in Bristol, Tennessee by the L.C. King Manufacturing Company for 99 years.

Come get a piece of REAL heritage clothing by Pointer Brand at straight-up working man’s prices: Jeans 900:- & Jackets 1200:-

Pointer Brand - Made in Bristol, Tennessee

________________________________________________________________Pointer Brand is the most authentic American work wear out there today in the sea of “heritage” clothing. Plus, it’s 100% American made by the fourth generation of the King family.

Get it at AMERICANA’s store in Stockholm. 


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Who’s up for a road trip this weekend?

Who’s up for a road trip this weekend? Visit our warehouse store in Oxelösund, just east of Nyköping. Sven’s now got a bigger store with everything under 100 kr. He’s open Saturdays from 10-15. Go see him & enjoy the Baltic Sea all in one trip!

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AMERICANA Classic Vintage 50% OFF Sale

___________________________________________________________________________Not in Stockholm for our BIGGEST SALE? Then click here to see all the great American vintage pieces in our online shop, where we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders in Europe!

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Who Makes New Yorkers’ Clothes? Do They Care?

Etsy asks these questions which gives New Yorkers (& us) something to think about…


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100 Years of Fashion & Dance


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Wrangler Marks Their Territory


___________________________________________________________________________Mark your territory with AMERICANA’s selection of vintage Wrangler clothing.

Shop AMERICANA Classic Vintage at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm

Or online where AMERICANA offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders

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Cowichan Sweaters

Cowichan sweaters have been made by the indigenous Salish women of southern Vancouver Island, Canada for centuries.  The sweaters take their namesake from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

Each sweater is made from 2 kilograms of raw, pure wool which retains the lanolin and waterproofs the sweater.  Because of the lanolin content, the sweater should not be washed too often and can last for up to 80 years.

Cowichan sweaters are a distinctive Salish ethnic art form. The motifs include eagles, deer, birds, trees, bears, whales, salmon, snowflakes, waves and stripes which are prominent symbols in the culture of the Salish people.

Cowichan sweaters are especially favored by curling sport enthusiasts.  The Cowichan sweater was also made popular by Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski in the Coen brothers’ film The Big Lebowski.  They were also seen at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

___________________________________________________________________________Give a unique gift they’ll treasure for many years!

AMERICANA Classic Vintage has a massive selection of Cowichan & other handmade thick-knit sweaters at our store on Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm. 

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