While back at home a few weeks ago, I had a swig or two of some moonshine which gave me the idea to write a post about it….

Moonshine in a Mason Jar

Moonshine is the name given to illicit distilled alcohol which was traditionally made in the Appalachian Mountains of the U.S.  Moonshine takes it’s name from its clandestine production by the light of the moon.

Moonshine is also called white lightning, mountain dew, hooch, ‘shine and white whiskey by locals who make it. In other countries, it is known by many other names.

There’s a simple, straight-up way to make moonshine. It’s illegal and you can go to prison for making it in the U.S., but here’s how it’s done…


Simplicity also carries through in the taste, as moonshine is a clean drink…strong and perhaps lethal in some ways, but clean.

You can learn more about modern-day moonshiners here.

Buy a legal version of the real thing here.

Or even wear cologne named after moonshine! Buy it here.

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