Vintage Decor Just In at AMERICANA Classic Vintage in Stockholm

Black Roller Skates 500 kr. Toy Dump Truck 750 kr., Sled with American Flag 1250 kr., White Roller Skates with Red Case 750 kr., Pink Camper 500 kr.

Coca-Cola Wood & Metal Bottle Opener 750 kr., Wooden Soda Bottle Crates 500 kr. each, Metal Thermos Jugs 500 & 750 kr. each

Black Ice Crusher 500 kr., Metal Canteens with Wool Horse Blanket Covers 500 kr. each, Small Tonka Tow Truck 300 kr., Oil Can 300 kr., Metal Lunch Box 300 kr., American Family Kitchen Scale 750 kr., U-Haul Trailer 750 kr.

Brown Coleman Lantern 750 kr., Red Metal Magazine Holder 750 kr., Soil Conservation District Metal Sign 1000 kr., Johnson & Johnson Blue and White First Aid Kit 500 kr., Cross White First Aid Kit 750 kr., Bromwells Metal Flour Sifter 300 kr., Brown Metal Picnic Basket 500 kr., Toy Coca-Cola Truck 1000 kr.

Baseball Umpire Set 750 kr., Metal Skates 300 kr., Green & Red Little Orphan Annie Toy Stove 750 kr., Cherry Metal Kitchen Cannister 300 kr., Wooden Storage Crate 750 kr., Walt Disney School Bus Metal Lunch Box 750 kr., Metal Toy Cash Register 500 kr.

Red Metal Cake Plate/Saver 500 kr., Wire Bottle Crate with Compartments 750 kr., Farm Best Wire Milk Crate 750 kr., Popeye Lunch Box 750 kr., Small Beige Striped Lunch Box with Red Handles 300 kr., Red & Black Plaid Lunch Box 300 kr., Metal Sign 15 MPH 750 kr., Nabisco Premium Saltines Metal Tin with Lid 300 kr., Square Wire Egg Basket 750 kr., Metal Lunch Box 300 kr., Minnow Buckets (Old Pal, Fall’s City, Spin Master, etc.) 750 kr. each

Round Wire Egg Baskets 750 kr. each, Charles Chips Tin Can with Lid 300 kr., Jack in the Box 300 kr., Metal Folding Drying Rack 750 kr., Black Metal Lunch Box 300 kr. Plaid Suitcase Picnic Table & Jug 1250 kr., Wire Metal Basket with Blue Handle 750 kr., Small Metal Gas Can with Red Stripes 500 kr.

AMF Junior Trike Green Tricycle 1250 kr., Harley Davidson Tricycle 1250 kr.

Bowling Ball Bag 300 kr., Bowling Pin 500 kr.


________________________________________________________________Visit AMERICANA Classic Vintage for uniquely American antiques! We are open every day and are located at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm.

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