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Frosty’s Corn Cob Pipe Spotted In Finland

On a recent trip to Finland, I saw the all-American corn cob pipe for sale in Sokos Department Store.

Using a corn cob pipe is a very old-fashioned way of smoking tobacco in America. The original and largest maker of corn cob pipes is Missouri Meerschaum. In Finland the brand was selling for just €3.45 & €9.95! The Finns really know a good pipe at a good bargain.

Located in Washington, Missouri, Missouri Meerschaum has been manufacturing corn cob pipes since 1869.  Famous Americans such as General Douglas MacArthur and Mark Twain were perhaps the most famous smokers of this type of pipe, along with the cartoon characters such as Popeye and Frosty the Snowman.

Frosty The Snowman

Made from corn cobs, the pipes are crafted in a meticulous and traditional way. First, the cobs are dried for two years and then they are hollowed to make a bowl which holds the tobacco. Pine shanks are inserted into the bowls for reinforcement and the bowls are finally dipped into a plaster-based mixture and lacquered with a clear varnish on the outside.

Judging from some of the warm temperatures the U.S. has been having, perhaps Frosty has to go to Finland, the land of snow & frost, to get his pipes?!

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Vintage Enamel Flower Pins

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The Bandana

Red Bandana

A bandana is a large, brightly-colored, paisley-printed square scarf, which is usually tied around the neck or head as a “do-rag” or worn in the back pocket and used as a handkerchief by outdoor workers in the United States. The word bandana is derived from the Sanskrit word “badhnati”, which means “he ties.”

Professional athletes, rappers, motorcycle riders, rodeo cowboys and average Americans wear bandanas regularly as a wrist accessory, to keep hair pulled back or wick away sweat. In the Wild West, bank robbers often wore bandanas around their nose and mouth to disguise their identity.

The traditional colors of bandanas are red and blue and are worn as  a means of affiliation by the Los Angeles street gangs called the “Bloods” (red) and the “Crips” (blue).  Because of this alignment with the image of gangs and because they can be used as a weapon, bandanas are often restricted in urban schools in the US.


Blue Bandana

En bandana är en stor fyrkantig halsduk i paisleymönster med klara färger som vanligtvis knyts runt halsen eller huvudet som en “do-rag“ eller som bärs i bakfickan och används som näsduk av arbetare i USA. Order bandana kommer från Sanskritordet badhnati vilket betyder “han knyter.”

Idrottsmän, rappare, motorcykelförare, rodeocowboys och vanliga amerikaner bär bandanas på handleden, runt huvudet för att hålla undan håret eller använder den för att torka bort svett. I Vilda Västern använde bankrånare ofta bandanas över näsan och munnen för att dölja sin identitet.

De traditionella färgerna på bandanas är rött och blått. De bärs som ett satt att visa sin tillhörighet av Los Angelesgäng som the Bloods (rött) och the Crips (blått). Då bandanas ofta är associerade med gäng och kan användas som ett vapen är de ofta förbjudna i amerikanska innerstadsskolor.

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