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New York Yankees Team Gear

The New York Yankees is probably the most popular team clothing sold of all the Major League Baseball teams.  The Yankees’ unmistakable navy and white logo of NY can be seen on baseball caps, t-shirts and other clothing in most corners of the globe.

NY Yankees is the preferred team gear for urban youth to suburban pensioners on all continents.  Perhaps the popularity of the Yankees’ team gear is not necessarily derived from an authentic fan base, but rather because people throughout the world know and love America’s largest city.

________________________________________________________________AMERICANA Classic Vintage consistently has a great supply of vintage New York Yankees team gear of anywhere around.

Come check out what we’ve got at our store at Gamla Brogatan in Stockholm!

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AMERICANA’s Got Authentic Baseball Jackets

San Francisco 49ers Jacket from AMERICANA


With a nip of cool still in the air this time of year, it’s time to put yourself into a new spring jacket.

Dodgers Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA


AMERICANA’s the source for authentic vintage baseball jackets from the USA.  We’ve got acres of all the famous American brands including Starter, AristoJac by Hilton, Hartwell, Holloway, Auburn, Chalk Line and West Ark, plus many more!

Rattlers Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA


Plus, all our baseball jackets from the U.S. are authentically priced at at 300 SEK & 400 SEK each (€33 & €44)!

Yankees Jacket from AMERICANA

Pool Room Jacket from AMERICANA


Red Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA

Red Baseball Jacket from AMERICANA

____________________________________________________________________Want an authentic look?

AMERICANA’s  Got Over 60 Baseball Jackets (& Counting!) in Our Online Shop + We Offer Free Shipping on All Orders in Europe…Always!

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Top 10 List – Classic American Vintage Clothing

It’s a hard thing to decide on, but AMERICANA has put together for you a Top 10 List of items that anyone should have who wears vintage clothing, loves American vintage or is inspired by classic American style.
They are…

1. Blue Jeans

Levi's, Lee & Wrangler


2. Denim Jacket

Lee Storm Rider Jacket


3.Western Shirt

A Men's Western Shirt by Ely Cattleman


4. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots


5. Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirts


6. Pendleton Shirt

A Pendleton Shirt


7. Baseball Jacket

Vintage Baseball Jacket


8. Bowling Shirt

Bowling Shirt


9. Boy Scout or Work Shirt

Boy Scouts of America Shirts


10. Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirts


You don’t have to be a cowboy or a rockabilly to pull off wearing one of these pieces in your wardrobe.  And adding any or all of these items to your look gives you instant rock ‘n’ roll street cred.

Learn more about this Top 10 List and more American classic clothes in AMERICANA‘s book, A-Z of Classic American Clothing.


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Baseball Jacket Details

Americana’s Video Blog

Interested in Americana’s Baseball Jackets?  Click here.


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Legend of The Alamo Baseball Jacket

We were very excited when we received this baseball jacket at Americana!  It is a 2003 Mexican commemerative Alamo victory jacket from the Santa Julia Artilleros.

Let’s dissect the jacket to uncover some interesting details...

The Alamo Image on the Jacket:

  • The jacket commemorates the Mexican victory at The Alamo.
  • The jacket displays an image of The Alamo building, along with various Mexican heroes.
  • Because of the defeat at The Alamo, Texans were forever reminded of the fact that the war for independence from Mexico was far from over and they must unite or lose all.
  • Because of their defeat, a rally-cry for Texas-Americans to this day is “Remember The Alamo!”

The Jacket’s Quote:

  • On the back of the jacket is a quote from 1836 by Mexican General Santa Anna: “I am not afraid of Crockett.”
  • Davy Crockett was a Tennessee Volunteer who fought on the American side at The Alamo & died there as an American hero.

The Jacket’s Provenance:

  • This metallic silver nylon baseball jacket was acquired in Texas.
  • It was most likely worn by a Mexican-American from Dripping Springs, Texas who has an affiliation to the Santa Julia Artilleros.
  • The jacket was made by West Ark, which is a well-known quality baseball jacket brand.

Other Interesting Facts About the Alamo:

  • The Alamo is in San Antonio Texas. Texans refer to the city as “San Antón”
  • Dripping Springs, Texas, referred to on the bottom of the jacket, is near Austin, Texas.
  • Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for urinating on The Alamo and thereafter was banned from ever entering the city of San Antonio again.

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The Baseball Jacket

Americana Vintage School Baseball Jacket

A baseball jacket is a front-zippered or snapped casual jacket with a knitted and fitted waistband, cuffs and collar,which can sometimes be striped in contrasting or team colors.  It is usually made of nylon, satin or wool and can have a felt or nylon quilted lining.  Quality vintage brands include Dunbrook, WestArk, Auburn, Hartwell, DeLong, Holloway and the sport brands AristoJac by Hilton, Pro Jac by King Louie, Starter and Russell Athletic.

A baseball jacket can contain a team’s insignia on the upper front or blazoned across the back or both.  In colder weather, professional and varsity baseball players wear these off the field over their uniforms.  These days, companies also use baseball jackets as part of their employees’ uniforms or as promotional clothing.

Everyone in America loves to wear a baseball jacket…even criminals like Bernie Madoff!  In a government auction of the ponzy scheme criminal’s personal belongings, Madoff’s New York Mets baseball jacket fetched $14,500.


Americana Vintage Cheyenne, Wyoming Baseball Jacket

En basebolljacka är en ledig jacka med blixtlås eller knappar, stickade handleds- midje- och kragmuddar som ibland kan vara randiga i kontrasterande färger eller i lagets färger. Jackorna görs i regel av nylon, siden eller ylle, med eller utan ett nylonvadderat foder. Vintage märken är Dunbrook, WestArk, Auburn, Hartwell, DeLong, Holloway och sportmärken AristoJac by Hilton, Starter och Russell Athletic.

Basebolljackor kan bära lagets symbol pa framsidan av jackan, på ryggen eller både och. Det är i kallare väder som professionella och amatörbasebollspelare bär dessa jackor över sina uniformer när de väntar på att få spela. Idag använder också företag basebolljackor som en del av deras anställdas uniformer eller för att göra reklam.

Americana Vintage Team Baseball Jacket

Alla amerikaner tycker om att ha pa sig basebolljackor, till och med dömda brottslingar som Bernie Madoff. För inte så länge sedan i en statsauktion där hans ägodelar såldes köpte någon hans New York Mets basebolljacka för 14500 dollar (runt 100 000 kronor).

© Copyright 2010 Americana

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