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Corduroy Day 11|11|11

Corduroy 11|11|11

Rejoice! The date has come which most closely resembles corduroy ever is upon us! 11|11|11


To commemorate this momentous date and honor the grand fabric that is corduroy, many happenings are occurring, including regional meetings of the Club in NYC, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco & Montana.

For those not able to attend the events in these locations, the Corduroy Appreciation Club recommends this handy resource for those looking to outfit themselves for corduroy’s Grandest Date and beyond.

From wide wale to pin wale and all wales in between, on 11|11|11, All Hail the Wale!

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Celebrate Corduroy Day on 11|11

November 11 is Corduroy Day!  Each year on 11|11, which is the date that most resembles the fabric, Corduroy is honored by the Corduroy Appreciation Club, who meet in New York City.

Attendees must wear at least 2 items of Corduroy to the event, where the president gives the State of Corduroy address, awards are given for various Corduroy-ness and food & drink are served which resembles the extolled fabric. The Club also meets every year on January 11, or 1|11, the other date which looks like the organization’s beloved fabric.

Can you imagine what they will do in 2011 (11|11|11) ?!

AMERICANA will let you know…

To learn more about the Corduroy Appreciation Club & their events, click here.



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