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FUBU is an urban casual wear brand with the acronym standing for “For Us By Us,” meaning clothes for African-Americans made by African-Americans. The company’s founders sensed that sportswear brands were profiting from the style generated by urban street culture and felt the need to make fashion for their community themselves. Today, the brand includes men’s, women’s, kids, shoes, accessories and a home collection.

FUBU Founder Daymond John via

FUBU started in Queens, New York in 1992 by Daymond John who made top tie hats in his home. By mortgaging his house for start-up capital, turning his home into a factory/living space and inviting four of his neighbors to join him in the venture, Daymond John expanded the sales of his products.

04 of FUBU's 05 via

Items from the line displaying “05” represent the five neighbors and childhood friends who started the company and continue to run it today. The company is considered classic or old school hip-hop clothing by urban youth and remains popular with rappers and the R&B crowd in America.

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