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I ♥ NY T-Shirt

A Rainbow of I ♥ NY T-Shirts - Photo via Arlene Senser

The I NY logo t-shirt is an iconic part of American popular culture. The logo was first used in 1977, when the New York State Department of Commerce ordered an advertising agency to develop a promotional campaign for the state. Graphic designer Milton Glaser agreed to produce the logo for free since everyone believed the campaign would last for only a short time.

He's Loving NY - Photo via Kevin Klöcker

The trademarked logo, which is based on the American Typewriter design type, has been reproduced on t-shirts and sold throughout New York City since the late 1970s. People commonly mistake the logo for representing the City, whereas it has always been used to promote New York State.

They Heart NY - Photo via Ed Yourdon

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