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Give Vintage Pendleton This Christmas!

AMERICANA’s got the best prices in town on Pendleton shirts, jackets, skirts and robes. Come check out our great selection for the holidays!

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Denim Jackets

Vintage LEE Storm Rider Denim Jacket at AMERICANA Classic Vintage

A denim or jeans jacket is true piece of American iconic fashion.  The waist-length jacket has button-banded cuffs, an adjustable banded waist and is distinguished by large metal buttons, front buttoned breast pockets sewn on the outside and side slit pockets.

Vintage Denim Jackets at AMERICANA Classic Vintage

Introduced around 1905 by Levi Strauss, the denim jacket was created to be worn with jeans by outdoor workers of the time. Lumberjacks, miners and cowboys liked the jacket because of its warmth, comfort and durability.

Vintage Big E Levi's Denim Jacket at AMERICANA Classic Vintage

Today, it is an enduring American fashion item.  According to the U.S. organization Cotton Incorporated, every American owns at least one well-worn denim jacket and many people have a sentimental attachment to their favorite.

Vintage Levi's Big E Denim Jacket at AMERICANA Classic Vintage

_______________________________________________________________AMERICANA always has an amazing collection of vintage denim jackets  in our Stockholm store at unbeatable prices.

Come see us at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm or shop our catalog of unique vintage pieces online where we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders in Europe!

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Strong and Reliable Information


We sometimes get special pieces of denim at AMERICANA Classic Vintage. This Strong Reliable unlined railroad denim jacket is the latest item, although we know very little about its origins or the brand.

One of the “denim nerds” who regularly comes in decided to do some homework on the jacket and brand and here’s what he found…

SR – Strong Reliable seems to have been a product of Sears & Roebuck. The earliest reference I have been able to find is from 1923, although it seems more common in the 40’s and 50’s.

The buttons labeled SR have also been used on the Sears product Drum Major. This being the case, “newer” products might have used these buttons. However, I see no connection between SR and Hercules, which is easier to find information about. Hopefully with this info you will have new key words to find even more information. Sears has open an archive on there website, but I didn’t look into it very closely. 

That’s all that we were able to uncover.  Do you know more about Strong Reliable workwear?   If so, do let us know in the comments!

___________________________________________________________________________AMERICANA Classic Vintage has an amazing selection of vintage denim at our store on Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm and on our web shop with free shipping in Europe!


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Pointer Brand Exclusively at AMERICANA Classic Vintage

Pointer Brand Chore Jacket - Photo via

Pointer Brand is a 98 year old work wear company founded by L.C. King in Bristol, Tennessee. The company is run today by members of the fourth generation of the King family.

Pointer Brand products are 100% made in America. The company uses 12 ounce denim from Georgia or Texas to produce their blue jeans and chore jackets.

All other components of Pointer’s garments are locally sourced from the American South. The thread comes from North Carolina, the buttons from Kentucky, the zippers from Georgia and the pocket linings from South Carolina.

AMERICANA Classic Vintage is proud to exclusively carry Pointer Brand, which is an all-American original denim brand with a deep work wear heritage.

Here’s what others are saying…

A Continuous Lean: Pointer Brand Work Wear from Tennessee

The Vintage Traveller: Made in the USA – L.C. King Manufacturing Company, Makers of Pointer Brand

Selecticism: Pointer Brand Jacket

___________________________________________________________________________The ONLY place to get Pointer Brand in the Nordic Region is at AMERICANA Classic Vintage’s store on Gamla Brogatan in Stockholm. Come see us for an all-American original.

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Alpha Industries M-65 Field Jacket

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Alpha Industries has been making clothing and military gear for the U.S. Army since the 1940s.  One of the company’s most famous designs is the M-65 field jacket.  The famous jacket’s predecessor was the M-43, whose design was first drafted in 1940 and finalized in 1943.

In 1959, the U.S. Department of Defense requested that Alpha Industries redesign its military field jacket to meet the needs of aerial-based campaigns and rougher terrain.  Alpha met the challenge with a more technologically-engineered design and construction that was more durable, comfortable and reliable.

In 1965, the M-65 was introduced and is still the workhorse for the American Infantry to this day. The company manufactures the exact same garments for military use as it does for surplus goods, with the only difference being one bar (military production) or three bars (civilian production) on the label.  Other than this small detail, all fabrics, specifications and construction are the same.

The M-65 has made its way into popular American culture as the jacket Robert DeNiro’s character wore in the film “Taxi Driver.”

___________________________________________________________________________Yes Sir!  AMERICANA has genuine American military jackets of all types at our store on Gamla Brogatan in Stockholm


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Vintage Gant C.P.O

C.P.O.s are solid or plaid heavy wool flannel shirt-jackets that have either a quilted or fake fur lining.  C.P.O.s are named after U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officers, or non-commissioned officers, who wore similar shirt-jackets as part of their uniform.

Vintage Filson C.P.O.

Famous brands include Woolrich, Filson and Campus.  Although they convey that rugged mountain man vibe, C.P.O.s are more often seen these days on urban types.

Vintage Woolrich C.P.O.

At one time, even the Boy Scouts of America had a red C.P.O. that was part of the uniform.  Members sewed merit badges onto the backside.

Vintage Boy Scouts of America C.P.O. with Merit Badges

Woolrich Vintage C.P.O.

Vintage C.P.O.

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Zoot Suits and Teddy Boys

Mimosa Dedanann, the doyenne of vintage clothing in Finland & further afield, discusses American-born zoot suits and their connection to the Teddy Boy style and culture of the U.K.



Teddy Boys

For Further Reading AMERICANA Recommends:

The Teds by Chris Steele-Perkins & Richard Smith

Diary of a Teddy Boy : A Memoir of the Long Sixties by Mim Scala


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Zoot Suits

Zoot Suits - Photo via TibChris

The zoot suit was originally called “drapes” in the Harlem jazz culture of the 1930s & 1940s.  During that time, the suit was worn by and popularized by African-Americans.  A zoot suit is characterized by a long jacket with wide lapels, large shoulder pads and high-waisted baggy trousers that are tight at the bottom cuff.  A zoot suit is often accessorized with a pocket watch that has a long chain that is dangled below the knee.  A Fedora hat with a long feather is also often worn to complement the zoot suit.

Because of its baggy construction, a zoot suit is made of more material than is used in conventional suits of the same time period.  Because materials were needed at the time for the war effort, the U.S. War Production Board banned the production of zoot suits in 1942 after it considered them to be wasteful. This led to the rebellious “Zoot Suit Riots” which occurred all over the United States.

In the 1950s, Teddy Boys in England wore zoot suits in bright colors with velvet collars Teddy boys didn’t wear bright colors in the 1950s because their style is based on early 1900s Edwardian style. They might have a had a brocade waistcoat to add color but the bright colors in drapes and suits did not come come until the 1970s revival Teds. (Thanks Mimosa for the correction!)

A young Malcolm X described the zoot suit as “a killer-diller coat with a drape shape, reet pleats and shoulders padded like a lunatic’s cell.”  Even Tom & Jerry aspired to be cool during the fashion craze, wearing zoot suits made out of a hammock to impress their girlfriends.

Further Reading, Etc.:


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Top 10 List – Classic American Vintage Clothing

It’s a hard thing to decide on, but AMERICANA has put together for you a Top 10 List of items that anyone should have who wears vintage clothing, loves American vintage or is inspired by classic American style.
They are…

1. Blue Jeans

Levi's, Lee & Wrangler


2. Denim Jacket

Lee Storm Rider Jacket


3.Western Shirt

A Men's Western Shirt by Ely Cattleman


4. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots


5. Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirts


6. Pendleton Shirt

A Pendleton Shirt


7. Baseball Jacket

Vintage Baseball Jacket


8. Bowling Shirt

Bowling Shirt


9. Boy Scout or Work Shirt

Boy Scouts of America Shirts


10. Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirts


You don’t have to be a cowboy or a rockabilly to pull off wearing one of these pieces in your wardrobe.  And adding any or all of these items to your look gives you instant rock ‘n’ roll street cred.

Learn more about this Top 10 List and more American classic clothes in AMERICANA‘s book, A-Z of Classic American Clothing.


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Future Farmers of America Jacket

Americana’s Video Blog

Interested in Americana’s Future Farmers of America Jackets?

Then visit Americana at These Events.


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