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As American As…


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Smallwood Store in Chokoloskee, Florida

Smallwood Store in Chokoloskee, Florida

Established in 1906, Ted Smallwood’s Store and Trading Post in Chokoloskee, Florida served the western edge of the Everglades as a place to trade hides, furs, farm produce, handle mail and provide goods in return.

In 1974, the store was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places and remained and open and active place of business until the early 1980s.

When the doors were shut in 1982, 90% of the origianl goods remained in the store.

Ted’s granddaughter has reopened the store as a museum and today it serves as a time capsule of Florida’s pioneering history.

A Seminole Apron on the Store's Sewing Machine

Teresa & Rachel McMillin Carry On the Tradition of the Family's Store. Rachel is the Great-Great Grandaughter of Ted Smallwood.

___________________________________________________________________________Inspired by days gone by?

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Ice Ice Baby: Why Americans Love Ice So Much

Icy Drinks...American Style

Americans are kind of obsessed with ice. The more clinking we hear in our glass, the happier we are. We like to crunch on it, swirl it around our glass, and add more when our drink gets a little sweaty.

Modern Roadside Drive-In Ice Dispenser

For many years, refrigerators in America didn’t have automatic ice makers installed. Back then, you had to buy it by the bag. If you didn’t buy it at the store, you had make it in trays, which had a pull lever which released the ice from the tray.  It was a brilliant invention and I still believe the best design for making ice manually that was ever invented (leave it to the ice-loving Americans to create such a thing).

Vintage Ice Trays

Today, you can still see ice freezers outside almost every convenience store, but people mostly just buy it to fill their portable coolers or to make homemade ice cream…anytime loads & loads of ice is needed.

Refrigerator Door Ice Dispenser

Since the 1970s, almost every full-size household refrigerator sold in America has an automatic ice maker installed.  This can be from the simple ice maker in the freezer, to the more sophisticated door ice dispenser refrigerator found in homes where they really love ice.

So if you’re in America, make sure that beverage you’re having is icy cold.  And if not, there’s surely some ice nearby to chill it down.

___________________________________________________________________________Always look icy hot!

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Sweden’s Largest American Flag at AMERICANA Classic Vintage

AMERICANA Has The BIGGEST & BEST Selection of Vintage American Flags in Scandinavia


AMERICANA has just received a gigantic vintage American flag! We reckon it’s 7 x 4 meters in size and perhaps the largest American flag in Sweden.  It is made of cotton and is pieced together with sewn stars & stripes.

This Old Glory giant is now in our store in Stockholm.  Come on down to Gamla Brogatan & take a look. A lucky person can give this huge American flag a new home…or two! We promise you’ll get a lot of stars & stripes for the 2500 kronor price.

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American Hippie Inspiration for Summer Music Festivals

Here’s an inspiring short documentary from 1967 about hippies for all of you attending the Peace & Love music festival in Borlänge…



AMERICANA Classic Vintage can help you groove together your look for the music festivals this summer.

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American Functional Fashion: Duck Tape Prom Outfits

If you want to talk about modern American functional fashion, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Every year, the Duck Tape company sponsors a the “Stuck at Prom” competition where contestants make their prom outfits out of the duct tape the company sells. Contestants are encouraged to use the range of colors of Duck Tape to come up with unique outfits for prom night.  It’s quite an amazing palette they have to choose from, since most people think of duct tape as coming in the ubiquitous silver color.

Here are some of our favorites from this year:

The top winners receive scholarships up to $5000.  Voting for this year’s entrants begins June 17 and ends July 11.  To cast your vote, just click here.

____________________________________________________________________________Yes, It’s True!

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The Year of Alabama Music

Although we’re now halfway through 2011, it’s still time to enjoy “The Year of Alabama Music.”

The roots of American music run deep in Alabama, where blues, rock, country and jazz all trace their origins.

Today, the scene is vibrant as ever, producing superstar performers and an authentic vibe that music lovers travel the globe to experience.

Alabama is the home to many famous names in music, including:

W.C. Handy – Father of the Blues

W.C. Handy

Hank Williams

Jimmy Buffett

Clarence Carter


Sam Phillips – Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneer

Sam Phillips

Tammy Wynette

Big Mama Thornton

Wilson Pickett

Dinah Washington

Hank Williams Jr.

Jimmie Rodgers – The Father of Country Music

Jimmie Rodgers

Emmylou Harris

Hank Locklin

Louvin Brothers

Lionel Ritchie

Martha Reeves

Lionel Ritchie – Soul & Pop Superstar

Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section

Nat King Cole

Percy Sledge

Shelby Lynne

Drive-By Truckers

Delmore Brothers



Ruben Studdard

Listen to The Alabama Playlist to hear these & other music greats who trace their roots to the Heart of Dixie.


AMERICANA Classic Vintage is the source for American originals.



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Tabasco Sauce: Taste An American Legend

I just love Tabasco Sauce, perhaps because it’s in my Southern genes…

After the Civil War, the crop harvests in my homeland of the American South were paltry. As a result, the people of the region had a bland and monotonous diet. To give the Southern table a little more flavor & spice, Edmund McIlhenny of New Iberia, Louisiana cooked up a hot sauce recipe from Capsicum frutescens peppers which was packaged in old cologne bottles made in a New Orleans glass factory.

Capsicum Frutescens: The Tabasco Sauce Pepper

The sauce was well-received by Southern cooks because it gave their tables more flavor & excitement.  Today, Tabasco is not only a staple in Southern meals, but is also seen on tables throughout the world.

Since the sauce’s beginnings, the McIlhenny family hand selects each year some of the finest peppers they grow for Tabasco sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana for their superior robustness, color and texture.  These special peppers are then put in white oak barrels, mixed together with a touch of Avery Island salt and aged for a few years.

Sometimes, a bit of this pepper mash is left to age a little longer and is then blended with premium white wine vinegar. When it’s just right, Tabasco strains and bottles it for McIlhenny family members and close family friends. Occasionally they make available a limited edition of this full-bodied sauce and specially package it for the public to taste.

The McIlhenny Tabasco Family Reserve sauce is about 5 times more expensive at $25 than the classic 5 oz. bottle with a price tag around $5. But I think it’s still a small price to pay for shaking on the McIlhenny family secret.


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Vintage Sign Inspiration for AMERICANA’s New Shop

Photo via

There’s a lot going on with the renovation of our new store on Gamla Brogatan in Stockholm. Right now, the place is all about paint, lighting, fixtures, and of course the merchandise.

In this whirlwind of creative activity, we have begun to think of ideas for our sign out front. Working with the marvelous creative team at Clarex, we’ve crafted a vision that is influenced by classic vintage signs from America.

Here are some of our inspiration pieces:

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

I think we’ll be able to bring a little of the AMERICANA spirit to the streets of Sweden’s capital city.

Stay tuned to see what happens…


Can’t wait ’til AMERICANA’s store opens in Stockholm?  Then visit our online shop, with over 900 classic vintage items with free shipping in Europe

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American Folk Art Legend Howard Finster & His Paradise Gardens

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Howard Finster (1916 – 2001) was an American folk artist, Baptist minister and lawnmower repairman from Pennville, Georgia.  Finster claimed that his artistic work was inspired by visions from God and his creative mission was to spread the gospel.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Finster created Paradise Gardens in his home’s expansive yard in Pennville, Georgia which contains thousands of works of art.  Themes of his work range from American popular & historical icons such as Elvis Presley and George Washington to biblical figures and members of his own family.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Finster’s work is most famously displayed on the Talking Heads‘ album cover for Little Creatures. In 1985, Rolling Stone magazine selected this work by the artist as album cover of the year.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Finster also gained national fame after his collaborative work with Athens, Georgia-based band R.E.M. The band filmed the video for “Radio Free Europe” in Finster’s Paradise Gardens, and used one of the artist’s works as the cover for their second album Reckoning. Subsequently, the band recorded the song “Maps and Legends” (for their album Fables of the Reconstruction) as an homage to Finster.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Throughout his creative career, Howard Finster was responsible for introducing millions to American naive art, but even with his increased fame, he remained focused on his works’ religious outreach to the public.

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin

Photo by April Hill Rankin


Here’s a video to learn & see more of artist Howard Finster & his Paradise Gardens…



AMERICANA Classic Vintage is the source for American originals.


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