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Give Vintage Pendleton This Christmas!

AMERICANA’s got the best prices in town on Pendleton shirts, jackets, skirts and robes. Come check out our great selection for the holidays!

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Pendleton Wool Is Woven Into America’s History

Founded in 1863, Pendleton has been family-run business for six generations.  Since the company’s beginnings, it has produced almost all of its Indian blankets and clothing in the Pacific Northwest.

Although Pendleton first made blankets for trade with Native Americans, they have been producing wool shirts since 1924. For nearly a century, Pendleton has used the same size yarn to produce Umatilla wool that comes from the same sheep at Cunningham Ranch and other local farms in Oregon and Washington.

The Beach Boys (a.k.a. The Pendletones)

Pendleton gained widespread fame through surfers and California pop music.  When the Beach Boys first got together in 1961, the band was called the Pendletones.  Pendleton Woolen Mill sent the band a letter advising them they could not use the name. So the Beach Boys were born.  Later, in 1963, the band wore matching Pendleton shirts for the album cover for “Surfer Girl.”

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Vintage American Bowling


Ypsi-Arbor Vintage Bowling Alley - Photo via

___________________________________________________________________________AMERICANA has lanes & lanes of vintage bowling shirts that score a strike every time!

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Bowling Team Names on Vintage Bowling Shirts

Through the years, bowling teams have usually put a lot of energy into creating a unique name. Over the years, team names have been taken from bowling lingo, a double entendre or from innuendo.

However, some teams can simply have the sponsor on the back of their bowling shirts to signify themselves.

Team names can often be chosen to simply represent cultures and hometowns.

____________________________________________________________________________Yes, It’s True!

AMERICANA has lanes & lanes of vintage bowling shirts in our store at Gamla Brogatan & at our Vintage Online Shop  which offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders in Europe.

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Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger at AMERICANA Classic Vintage

Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirt

At AMERICANA Classic Vintage, we’re all about modern American classics!  That’s why we’ve got a ton of Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger 3-button piqué polo shirts for men & women in our store this summer.

Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger Polos

Whether you’re looking for a classic or slim fit, lightweight golf fabric or heavy weave, Chaps (RL exclusively for the American market), RL jeans or absolutely any type of piqué shirt by Tommy, you’re sure to find it at AMERICANA.

At 300 kronor a shirt, there’s no need to go to Stockholm’s fancy stores to do your shopping.

Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren at AMERICANA

Classic American fashion, whether ancient or modern, never goes out of style.

___________________________________________________________________________Visit us at our store at Gamla Brogatan in Stockholm or shop with us online where we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders in Europe

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Tie-Dye T-Shirt

The tie-dye t-shirt is made by resist dyeing the fabric resulting in a pattern.  Tie-dye t-shirts were made popular by hippies in the 1960s and early 1970s and by musicians of the time who wore them such as Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin.

Janis Joplin Wearing Tie-Dye at Woodstock

Tie-dyeing is achieved by folding and tying a t-shirt to achieve patterns when it is dipped into the dye.  The ties prevent parts of the shirt from being dyed, forming white and dye-colored patterns on the t-shirt to achieve the decorative effect.

Nigerian Tie and Dye via Ogun State Government

Although popularized in the United States in the 1960s, tie-dyeing origins can be dated to pre-Columbian designs from 500-800 A.D.  Early forms of tie-dyeing can also be traced to Nigeria, Japan and India.

____________________________________________________________________________AMERICANA Classic Vintage is Your Best Resource for Classic American Clothing.  We’re at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm & Our Online Shop Offers FREE SHIPPING on All Orders in Europe!

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The Bowling Shirt

Bowling Shirts from AMERICANA Classic Vintage

From AMERICANA’s book A-Z of Classic American Clothing

Bowling shirts are short-sleeve shirts that are loosely fitted with a straight hem so that they can be worn un-tucked.  The collar of a bowling shirt often has a loop fastener that secures the top button, although this button is never fastened.  The shirt was designed with these specifications so that it would not interfere with the bowler’s movements.

Bowling Shirts are usually solid in color and can be decorated with a contrasting color, which made bowling teams easily identifiable in the lanes during competitions.  They can also have an embroidered bowling club insignia on the back and name of the wearer on the upper front.

Men's Bowling Shirt from AMERICANA

Bowling shirts have been popular since the 1950s in the United States, when youth began wearing them as a cool look outside the confines of bowling alleys.  In the last several years, bowling shirts have become a status symbol amongst urban street gangs in the US, although seeing a person wearing a retro bowling shirt usually makes others smile.

Classic brands of bowling shirts to look out for include Hilton, King Louie, Pin Splitter, Service Bowling Shirt, Imperial and Da Vinci.


____________________________________________________________________Want to make a strike?

AMERICANA’s  Got Lanes & Lanes of Bowling Shirts  in Our Online Shop + We Offer Free Shipping on All Orders in Europe…Always!

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Boy Scout Shirt Details

The details on Boy Scouts of America shirts are the thing that sets them apart from other scout shirts around the world.  These details are very important to scouts in America and as a vintage shirt, they add to that special look.

Here are some details to let you know more about that scout shirt in your closet…

Cub Scout Shirt Label

Shirt Construction:

Boy Scout shirts are based on a work shirt design and are specifically made for the organization’s members.  Therefore, each shirt has a label that declares that it is an “Official Youth Shirt” or “Official Men’s Shirt” with the Boy Scout logo & motto “Be Prepared” printed on the right-hand side of the label.  The shirts are almost always a 65% polyester 35% cotton blend for ease of care, although some older shirts have a higher cotton content.

Union Label on a Cub Scout Shirt

All boy scout shirts are union-made in the U.S.A. by the labor organization that was originally called the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (ACWA).  The organization also has roots in the formation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), which is now part of one of the biggest unions in the US: The AFL-CIO.  In the past, this union has also had the names of TWUA and UNITE. Today, the union that makes the shirts is called United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW).

Differences in Shirts:

Patches on a Cub Scout Shirt

Cub Scouts is the younger arm of the Boy Scouts of America organization. Its members are usually between the ages of 5 to 10 years old.

Cub Scout shirts are navy in color, but similar in design and decorative patches to those of the Boy Scouts. Older Cub Scout shirts have the patch “Cub Scouts of America” just above one of the chest pockets, while newer shirts have the “Boy Scouts of America” patch.

The older level of the organization is the Boy Scouts, whose members are between the ages of 11 and 18.  Boy Scout shirts are almost always khaki in color and, because of the age and sizes of the members, often come in larger sizes.

Shirt Patches & Badges:

Every Boy Scout & Cub Scout shirt is different in the number and kind of patches that are attached, based on the achievements of the member.  However, all shirts bear the Boy Scouts of America patch above the right pocket, the American flag on the right sleeve and the council emblem, which is the regional designation, and the unit (or troop) number in red on the left sleeve.

Boy Scouts Official Placement of Insignia Sheet

___________________________________________________________________________Want to get that undeniable Boy Scout style?

AMERICANA has the biggest & best selection of vintage Boy Scouts of America shirts in Scandinavia!

Stop by our store at Gamla Brogatan in Stockholm and take home the most authentic piece of American vintage you could ever have!

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The Baseball Shirt

Baseball Legend Stan Musial Wearing a Baseball Shirt with Cardinal Red Sleeves

The Major League Baseball season opener is this Thursday, so I thought I’d go with a blog post to celebrate the big day…

Baseball shirts are three-quarter length, raglan sleeve t-shirts worn under a team uniform shirt.  The sleeves and neckband are made of a contrasting color to the body of the shirt and can be seen extending out from under the short-sleeved uniform shirt.

These t-shirts were very popular with American youth during the 1970s.  They can be plain or have a silk-screened graphic on the front.

Baseball Shirt - Photo via Symic

Take me out to the ballgame…


Hit a Home Run with Your Spring Wardrobe

AMERICANA Classic Vintage Online Shop Opens Very Soon!


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Top 10 List – Classic American Vintage Clothing

It’s a hard thing to decide on, but AMERICANA has put together for you a Top 10 List of items that anyone should have who wears vintage clothing, loves American vintage or is inspired by classic American style.
They are…

1. Blue Jeans

Levi's, Lee & Wrangler


2. Denim Jacket

Lee Storm Rider Jacket


3.Western Shirt

A Men's Western Shirt by Ely Cattleman


4. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots


5. Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirts


6. Pendleton Shirt

A Pendleton Shirt


7. Baseball Jacket

Vintage Baseball Jacket


8. Bowling Shirt

Bowling Shirt


9. Boy Scout or Work Shirt

Boy Scouts of America Shirts


10. Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirts


You don’t have to be a cowboy or a rockabilly to pull off wearing one of these pieces in your wardrobe.  And adding any or all of these items to your look gives you instant rock ‘n’ roll street cred.

Learn more about this Top 10 List and more American classic clothes in AMERICANA‘s book, A-Z of Classic American Clothing.


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