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NBA Jerseys

Of all the American professional sports uniforms, the jerseys of the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams are an urban fashion phenomenon.  Usually worn in a large size with just about anything on the bottom, the NBA’s finest cities and players are honored on the street.

According to the NBA, the top ten most popular team jerseys are:

 1. Los Angeles Lakers

2. Boston Celtics

3. New York Knicks

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

5. Chicago Bulls

6. Phoenix Suns

7. Detroit Pistons

8. New Orleans Hornets

9. Miami Heat

10. San Antonio Spurs

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Boy Scout Shirts for Non-Members: Alright or All Wrong?

It is a controversy, but after all, it’s old news…vintage, if you like.

Several years ago, Destiny’s Child showed up at the Kid’s Choice Awards in Boy Scout uniforms tailored to fit the ladies in all the right places.

The Boy Scouts of America organization didn’t like it one bit. Officials informed the band’s management that BSA uniforms were only to be worn by members. Destiny’s Child were certainly “on their honor” by sending an apology letter to the organization

We never thought those cute uniform shirts were to be taken so seriously!  They are a snazzy fashion statement after all.

So we have to ask y’all, dear readers: Boy Scout Shirts for non-members: Alright or All Wrong? Cast your votes in the comments.

___________________________________________________________________________Need a Boy Scout Shirt to remind you that you’re really good (you are a member, right?) or really bad?

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Top 10 List – Classic American Vintage Clothing

It’s a hard thing to decide on, but AMERICANA has put together for you a Top 10 List of items that anyone should have who wears vintage clothing, loves American vintage or is inspired by classic American style.
They are…

1. Blue Jeans

Levi's, Lee & Wrangler


2. Denim Jacket

Lee Storm Rider Jacket


3.Western Shirt

A Men's Western Shirt by Ely Cattleman


4. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots


5. Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirts


6. Pendleton Shirt

A Pendleton Shirt


7. Baseball Jacket

Vintage Baseball Jacket


8. Bowling Shirt

Bowling Shirt


9. Boy Scout or Work Shirt

Boy Scouts of America Shirts


10. Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirts


You don’t have to be a cowboy or a rockabilly to pull off wearing one of these pieces in your wardrobe.  And adding any or all of these items to your look gives you instant rock ‘n’ roll street cred.

Learn more about this Top 10 List and more American classic clothes in AMERICANA‘s book, A-Z of Classic American Clothing.


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The Ohio Park Ranger’s Uniform Shirt

Americana’s Video Blog

Buckeyes, anyone?!


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