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Frosty’s Corn Cob Pipe Spotted In Finland

On a recent trip to Finland, I saw the all-American corn cob pipe for sale in Sokos Department Store.

Using a corn cob pipe is a very old-fashioned way of smoking tobacco in America. The original and largest maker of corn cob pipes is Missouri Meerschaum. In Finland the brand was selling for just €3.45 & €9.95! The Finns really know a good pipe at a good bargain.

Located in Washington, Missouri, Missouri Meerschaum has been manufacturing corn cob pipes since 1869.  Famous Americans such as General Douglas MacArthur and Mark Twain were perhaps the most famous smokers of this type of pipe, along with the cartoon characters such as Popeye and Frosty the Snowman.

Frosty The Snowman

Made from corn cobs, the pipes are crafted in a meticulous and traditional way. First, the cobs are dried for two years and then they are hollowed to make a bowl which holds the tobacco. Pine shanks are inserted into the bowls for reinforcement and the bowls are finally dipped into a plaster-based mixture and lacquered with a clear varnish on the outside.

Judging from some of the warm temperatures the U.S. has been having, perhaps Frosty has to go to Finland, the land of snow & frost, to get his pipes?!

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Red Wing Shoes Videos

Here’s a follow up to my earlier post about Red Wing.

It’s a video about the town, the factory and its generations of workers.

As an added bonus, here’s a Red Wing ad giving you permission to wear your boots to the beach this summer!

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Truly Americana Music: The Drive-By Truckers

The Drive-By Truckers is probably one of the best American roots rock bands around today. Their music is sometimes humorous, sometimes haunting and always honest about America & specifically the Deep South–their home & mine.

They blend arena rock-style guitars, with country twangs and mix in a little alternative rock to create a style of music that pays homage to the heritage of great American music. But it’s the stories in the songs that make people come back for more.

They’ve got a new album out called The Big To-Do which you may want to check out.  But their earlier work is worth a listen as well. Southern Rock Opera which recieved 4 stars from Rolling Stone, weaves the double-albums’ song topics through the filter of Lynyrd Skynyrd.  But my personal favorites are Pizza Deliverance and Gangstabilly which are among the band’s first releases.

No matter what you sample of their work, the Drive-By Truckers will surely give you a bit of Southern soul explanation & inspiration…plus, it’ll make you want to kick back & drink a cold one!

Verkligen Amerikansk Rotrockband: The Drive-By Truckers

DBT singing a dark song about my & their home (Lookout Mountain) at my & their other home that’s dark (40Watt Club in Athens, Georgia)

Drive-By Truckers är antagligen ett av de bästa amerikanska rotrockbanden idag.Deras musik har ibland humor, ibland berättar den oförglömliga historier men den är alltid uppriktig om Amerika och speciellt om den djupa södern–deras och min hembygd.

DBT blandar arenarockgitarrer med countryaccenter och mixar allt i en alternativrockstil vilket skapar en musik som hyllar den amerikanska musikens kulturarv. Men det är berättelserna i sångerna som gör att man kommer tillbaks för att lyssna på DBT.

DBT har ett nytt album ute “The Big To-Do” som du kanske vill kolla in. Men deras tidigare album är också givetvis väl värda att lyssna på. Dubbelalbumet “Southern Rock Opera,” 4 stjänor i Rolling Stone, blandar olika teman genom filtret Lynyrd Skynyrd. Bland mina personliga favoriter är deras tidiga album “Pizza Deliverance” och “Gangstabilly”.

Oberoende av vad du lyssnar på från DBT så ger dig musiken både förklaringar och inspiration vad gäller det som är speciellt med Södern…och den gör att man vill ta det lite lugnt och dricka en kall öl!

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In America, Even Little Kids ROCK!

Earlier this week, I posted a video link on Twitter that is a must-see!  For those who haven’t already watched it, click below & get ready because it will make you laugh until you cry.

By the way, keep an eye on the Twitter Updates on the right column of this site, as there are frequent, fun, Americana-ish things to look at there as well.


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