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Carving Out a Slice of America in Stockholm: AMERICANA’s Store Renovation Update

The interior design & construction team are hard at work down at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm getting the new AMERICANA Classic Vintage store looking its best.

Nisse of Blisab Sorting the Reclaimed Wood for the Walls

Interior designer Camilla Spång is marvelously pulling together the talents of craftsmen from Blisab, Hantverkar’n i Gamla Stan, and Svensk Butiksbelysning to create an original space.

Pipes for the Handmade Racks Crafted by Hantverkar'n i Gamla Stan

The craftsmen are using all sorts of reclaimed and raw materials to get a truly unique AMERICANA feeling in Stockholm’s city center.

Peder Karlsson of Blisab, Dick Härling of Hantverkar'n i Gamla Stan and Interior Designer Camilla Spång Discuss Plans for the Handmade Racks

AMERICANA Classic Vintage will be a new and exciting destination for authentic pieces of American vintage clothing right here in Scandinavia.

Interior Designer Camilla Spång Measures the Handmade Pipe Racks

It’s only a few days left until we open this little slice of America in Sweden’s capital city for all of you!

We can’t wait!

Nisse of Blisab Begins Constructing the Reclaimed Wood Panelling



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AMERICANA’s New Store Renovation in Stockholm

If you haven’t already heard, we’re opening a store on Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm next month!

In the next few weeks, the locale will be undergoing a renovation to get it just right in the AMERICANA style.  Until then, here are a few sneak-peek “BEFORE” photos…

The wonderful vision of interior designer Camilla Spång and talents of the construction management team of Blisab will transform this “BEFORE” into a locale with a true AMERICANA atmosphere.

We’re so excited about our new home & hope to see you there!


Can’t wait ’til AMERICANA’s store opens in Stockholm?  Then visit our online shop, with over 900 classic vintage items with free shipping in Europe.


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