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An “Only-In-America” Kind of Restaurant


The Bubble Room - Captiva Island, Florida

The Bubble Room is Florida’s most outrageously kitschy restaurant.  Located on Captiva Island, an “Old Florida” destination, the restaurant’s decor is unique where Christmas decorations, a toy train running through the dining room and memorabilia from the 1930s-1950s are all rolled into one.

One of the Five Dining Rooms

The restaurant gets its name from the bubble lights which cover the interior of the place and add to that wacky, nostalgic Christmas-y feeling.

The wait staff at the Bubble Room are called “Bubble Scouts” and sport crazy hats and scout-style uniforms covered in buttons and patches.  They serve up American cuisine, as well as some house specialities including “Bubble Bread” and “sticky buns.”  They are also famous for their “Sweet 16” dessert menu.

The Bubble Room's Entrance


Bubble Scout

The Bubble Room draws locals and tourists alike who leave this “only-in-America” restaurant with a full belly and new memories of memorabilia and Christmas nostalgia.

One of the Dining Tables @ The Bubble Room


Bubble Bread & Sticky Buns

Fortune Teller, Wurlitzer & Tunnel of Love


Don't Forget Dessert!


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