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Smallwood Store in Chokoloskee, Florida

Smallwood Store in Chokoloskee, Florida

Established in 1906, Ted Smallwood’s Store and Trading Post in Chokoloskee, Florida served the western edge of the Everglades as a place to trade hides, furs, farm produce, handle mail and provide goods in return.

In 1974, the store was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places and remained and open and active place of business until the early 1980s.

When the doors were shut in 1982, 90% of the origianl goods remained in the store.

Ted’s granddaughter has reopened the store as a museum and today it serves as a time capsule of Florida’s pioneering history.

A Seminole Apron on the Store's Sewing Machine

Teresa & Rachel McMillin Carry On the Tradition of the Family's Store. Rachel is the Great-Great Grandaughter of Ted Smallwood.

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