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Little-Known Details About Hawaiian Shirts

Made in Hawaii Shirts at AMERICANA at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm

Aloha!  As we’re cruising into the hottest part of the summer, it’s the best time for wearing a Hawaiian shirt in all the glory of the sunshine.

AMERICANA Hawaiian Shirts

The Hawaiian shirts we have at Americana are all Made in Hawaii.  We have real pieces which have details such as coconut or coin buttons.

Coconut Buttons on an AMERICANA Classic Vintage Hawaiian Shirt

The motifs on AMERICNA’s Hawaiian shirts are floral, tropical themes or Tapa.  Tapa design is one of the oldest prints for Hawaiian shirts which originated in Samoa and has a stamped, repeated geometric or stylized floral designs.

AMERICANA's Made in Hawaii Shirts

AMERICANA also has reverse prints, inspired by surfers’ sun-bleached Hawaiian shirts which are commonly worn by locals as business attire because of their muted, low-key patterns.

Reverse Pattern Shirts from AMERICANA Classic Vintage

___________________________________________________________________________Shop authentic Made in Hawaii vintage Aloha shirts at AMERICANA’s store at Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm or via our Online Shop which offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders in Europe!

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The Palaka Shirt

via Palaka: Hawaiian Denim Blog

A Palaka shirt is a woven, cotton checked shirt, usually in blue and white.  It is regarded by native Hawaiians as the authentic patterned shirt of the Hawaiian Islands, more so than the more well-known Hawaiian (or Aloha) shirt.

Palakas were originally adopted by natives from the first European and American settlers to Hawaii in the 1800s.  Traditionally worn by sugar cane and pineapple plantation workers, dockers, and Hawaiian “cowboys” or ranch workers, the twill cotton shirt is suitable for rugged, outdoor work in the tropical Pacific climate.

A Palaka Shirt via AlohaFunWear.com

Palakaskjortor är en vävd rutig bomullsskjorta, vanligtvis i blått och vitt. Den anses av infödda Hawaiibor som den autentiska mönstrade skjortan från Hawaii, till och med mer så an den mer välkända Hawaii (Aloha) skjortan.

Palakas anammades av lokalbefolkningen på Hawaii från de första europeiska och amerikanska bosättarna på Hawaii på 1800-talet. De bars traditionellt av arbetare på socker- och ananasplantager, hamnarbetare och hawaiiskanska cowboys eller rancharbetare. Denna twillbomullsskjorta passar bra för hårt arbete utomhus.

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Hawaiian Cowboy via Palaka: Hawaiian Denim Blog

Palaka Fabric via Palaka: Hawaiian Denim Blog

Further Reading: The Aloha Shirt: Spirit Of The Islands

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Gearin’ Up for Live & Jive

Cowboy Boots from Americana

Y’all !

I am swamped in American vintage clothes!

All Made on the Hawaiian Islands

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts from Americana

Lee Storm Rider Jackets, Levis Jackets & Western Shirts

Western Shirts, Lee Storm Rider Jackets & Levi's Jackets @ Americana

Literally, as I write this I’m unpacking the boxes of vintage clothes we shipped from the USA.

I thought I’d give y’all a sneak peak of what will be @ Live & Jive this Saturday & @ Bakåt:Framåt Vintagemässan in Stockholm on March 27-28……

Vintage Bowling Shirt for the Ladies from Americana

And for those of you who just can’t make it to either event, don’t worry!  Our online shop will be up & running within a month!

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Americana's Baseball Caps


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