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Americana’s Bakåt:Framåt Vintagemässan Lotto Winner

The lucky winner of AMERICANA‘s vintage shirt lotto at Bakåt:Framåt Vintagemässan is…

Erica Böhm!

Congratulations & enjoy the shirt!

Everyone else who entered the lotto are lucky folks too because you’ve been added to AMERICANA‘s mailing list!  That means you’ll receive news, updates & specials from us about our upcoming web shop & store in central Stockholm.

If you didn’t enter the lotto & would like to be included on our mailing list, just click here.


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A BIG Shout-Out to Everyone @ Bakåt:Framåt

AMERICANA's International Crew

Y’all made it an unforgettable weekend for AMERICANA at BakåtFramåt Vintagemässan. We met wonderful people, enjoyed being hosted by the great event organizers and just had fun with everyone there.

We marveled at how well-turned out all of you were at the event & how great y’all looked in the AMERICANA pieces you selected for yourselves! Here are some of our favorite moments…

Herr Pendleton

Smiley Pockets Bouncer

The Lovely Magnus & Peter

Ragnhild & Jacket Lovin' Man

Jonas & Us

Don’t forget that AMERICANA is soon establishing our shops here in Sweden. We’ll have Europe’s *biggest & baddest* American vintage online shop up & running by the new year & a store opening in Stockholm near Drottningatan next year.

In the meantime, you can stay in touch with us by subscribing to AMERICANA‘s mailing list or by joining us on facebook, Twitter or You Tube.

Hope to see y’all again real soon!


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Americana @ Bakåt:Framåt Vintagemässan in Stockholm This Weekend

Bakat:Framåt Vintagemässan 25-26 September

Americana is so excited about coming back to Bakåt:Framåt Vintagemässan this weekend to serve up all the best classic American clothing.

We’re so thrilled that we’re flying in an international crew!  Come by & let Lori (USA), Ragnhild (NO) & Gina (USA/SE) help you select iconic American pieces that are just right for you!

Bakåt:Framåt Vintagemässan

Hornstull Strand

Saturday & Sunday, 25-26 September

12-7 p.m.


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Shout Out To All The Folks @ Bakåt:Framåt

Americana @ Bakåt:Fråmat

What a great weekend for Americana at Hornstull Strand!  The joint was packed to the rafters with vintage lovers and there wasn’t a better place to be in Stockholm than with all of you!

Americana outfitted lots of y’all with authentic items from the USA & sent you away with facts and history about the classic clothes you now treasure. But if you didn’t make it to Bakåt:Framåt and happen to meet a well-dressed someone with a cool swagger & a story to tell about the heritage of their American vintage clothes, you can be almost certain that they’ve seen us this weekend.

So what’s next for Americana?  A lot!

We will be working on expanding our web shop, finishing the book on A-Z of iconic American clothes, blogging facts & history of American clothes and developing our plans for bringing Americana Classic Vintage to Scandinavia full-time.

We’ll also be on-tour this summer, so don’t miss us at American Days in Jägersro 3-5 July and at Power Big Meet in Västerås 8-10 July.  We’re also interested in participating at other events in the Nordic region, so let us know if you have any good tips!

Stay tuned to the blog & see y’all again soon!


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