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Ice Ice Baby: Why Americans Love Ice So Much

Icy Drinks...American Style

Americans are kind of obsessed with ice. The more clinking we hear in our glass, the happier we are. We like to crunch on it, swirl it around our glass, and add more when our drink gets a little sweaty.

Modern Roadside Drive-In Ice Dispenser

For many years, refrigerators in America didn’t have automatic ice makers installed. Back then, you had to buy it by the bag. If you didn’t buy it at the store, you had make it in trays, which had a pull lever which released the ice from the tray.  It was a brilliant invention and I still believe the best design for making ice manually that was ever invented (leave it to the ice-loving Americans to create such a thing).

Vintage Ice Trays

Today, you can still see ice freezers outside almost every convenience store, but people mostly just buy it to fill their portable coolers or to make homemade ice cream…anytime loads & loads of ice is needed.

Refrigerator Door Ice Dispenser

Since the 1970s, almost every full-size household refrigerator sold in America has an automatic ice maker installed.  This can be from the simple ice maker in the freezer, to the more sophisticated door ice dispenser refrigerator found in homes where they really love ice.

So if you’re in America, make sure that beverage you’re having is icy cold.  And if not, there’s surely some ice nearby to chill it down.

___________________________________________________________________________Always look icy hot!

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