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Denim Revival Film

Here’s a short film by Linnea Andersson Roden of the first Denim Revival held at our store in Stockholm. Enjoy!


___________________________________________________________________________AMERICANA Classic Vintage has acres of denim at our store on Gamla Brogatan 23 in Stockholm. Come see us!

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Denim Revival Vol. 1

Last Thursday evening was the first Denim Revival event in Stockholm, held at AMERICANA Classic Vintage.  Denim designers and industry folk gathered to learn more about the world’s most beloved fabric from Mats Andersson and Johan Söderlund.

The two boys of Indigofera are Sweden’s evangelists of the blue with decades of experience in all aspects of the industry. Their presentation focused on quality and its importance in denim production & wear. The crowd listened intently to their talk and much inquiry from the audience followed.

Fru Denim accounted what went down that evening on her blog.

Many thanks goes out to Gray’s American Stores who generously sponsored the food & drink for the evening.

We plan to organize Denim Revivals on a regular basis. If you want to join us for the next one, be sure to join our facebook group.

Photos by Linnea Andersson-Roden


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