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2010 Year-End Round-Up of AMERICANA

This site has become quite a little community of people from everywhere around the world who are interested in all things uniquely American. We are thrilled to get to know all of you!  We want to thank you for coming that first time & especially for deciding to visit here regularly.

Looking back, we see that y’all had some favorite topics this year.  Here they are for you to read again or for anyone out there who might have missed them the first time around:

5. Americana’s Book

4.  Penny Loafers

3. Red Wing Shoes

2. Bib Overalls

1. Saddle Oxfords a.k.a. Saddle Shoes

2011 is going to be an exciting year for us here at AMERICANA, starting early in the year with the launch of our web shop.

It is our promise to you to give the best selection of unique pieces of American vintage clothing, along with a great story and an exceptional customer experience to go along with it!

In the meantime, be sure to make the best of what’s left of 2010!


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Saddle Oxfords a.k.a. Saddle Shoes

After seeing Betty Lou’s saddle oxfords, I was inspired to write about the history and interesting facts of one of my favorite classic American shoes…

Considered to be the grandfather of modern athletic footwear, saddle oxfords are one of the few all-American shoes.  Also known as saddle shoes, saddle oxfords were first introduced in 1906 for tennis and squash players. The first saddle oxfords were manufactured by Spalding, which is the company who also made the first basketball, baseball and American football.

Saddle oxfords are distinguished by their oxford, lace-up style and are made of leather with red clay-colored rubber soles.  They are usually one color at the front and heel with a contrasting “saddle” piece over the middle which supports the instep during sport.  The shoes were originally made in white with a contrasting black piece, however they can be made in any combination of colors.

My Spalding Saddle Oxfords

In the 1950s, almost every American girl had a pair of saddle oxfords in white with black “saddles,” which they often wore with bobby socks. The shoe continued to be popular with teenage girls, cheerleaders and preppies from the 1960s-80s. Nowadays, people seen wearing saddle oxfords are usually golfers, children, preppy men, people dressed in 1950s fashions and vintage aficionados.

Saddle oxfords är en all-amerikansk sko som anses vara anfadern till dagens sportskor. De kallas också saddle shoes. Skorna introducerades för första gången 1906 och användes av tennis- och squashspelare. De första saddle oxfords tillverkades av Spalding, det företag som ocksa. tillverkade den första amerikanska basketbollen, basebollen och den amerikanska fotbollen.

Saddle Oxfords Were All the Rage in the 1950s

Saddle Oxfords känns igen på sin oxfordsstil med snörning och tillverkas av läder med röda gummisulor. Skorna har i regel en färg därframme pa skon och på hälen med en kontrasterande sadeldel på mitten av skon som stödjer plösen under sportutövning. Skorna tillverkades i början med en kontrasterande svart del men kan idag bäras i vilken färgkombination som helst.

På 1950-talet hade nästan varje amerikansk flicka som min mama ett par vita saddle oxfords med svarta sadlar som ofta bars med bobby socks. Skon fortsatte att vara populär bland tonåringar, cheerleaders och preppies från 1960- till 1980-talet. Idag är skon populär framför allt bland golfare, barn, preppies och de som klär sig i 50-talsstil och vintage aficionados.

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Even Studious Girls Love Saddle Oxfords!

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